Part medications is part of a complex of substances: polysaccharides, organic acids, alkaloids, resins, glycosides, essential oils, valeric acid, etc. Many components have antispasmodic effect. Acting comprehensively, botanicals, drugs that dilate the coronary vessels, slows the heart rate. Valerian (Valerian extract) has on the body multilateral impact. For example, it facilitates the onset of physiological (natural) sleep, lowers the indicators of excitability, calms the Central nervous system.
Sedative effect of Valerian extract comes gradually, but it works consistently. In addition, the drug enhances the action of other sedative and hypnotic drugs. It should be noted that the galenic extract of Valerian have anti-hypertensive effects. It works with regular and prolonged use.
Valerian in tablet form enhances the activity of the digestive tract, has choleretic action. Prolonged and systematic administration of the drug is the medical effect of medication.
The use of Valerian extract (Valerian) is indicated for sleep disorders, in a state of heightened arousal, as a sedative drug. In addition, it is recommended to apply in case of slight disorders of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, migraines, mild forms of neurasthenia, insomnia, climacteric disorders.
Before the use of Valerian extract (Valerian) be sure to consult with your doctor. This drug has several side effects and contraindications.