First you need to register a new account "Vkontakte". Immediately write down and save yourself a username and password for this account. This is your non-core page, it's very easy to forget the password. Besides, when you start to invite people, someone can click on a spam, and the page will temporarily block. But this will not happen if you follow some rules, described below.

To create an account, write a few words about the status of your group can put up some photos of the product or service you sell. Start inviting your friends to this page.

Your task is to invite friends from your target audience. Go to a group with a similar topic. For example, if you sell clothes, find it in the search communities similar group. In this group, do a search for the participants, putting the desired search parameters. City, gender and age of your future customers. Then add in friends of these people.

Sometimes, the people themselves will ask the reason for adding. It is better not to attach any message to the friend request - you can click on the spam and your page will temporarily block. It's fixable, if you remember your username and password, but will take some time. When people see that they added in friends advertising page, hardly anyone clicks on spam. Those your page will be interested, will add you in friends or in a group.

When your page appears enough people, send all invites to the group. Text messages can be duplicated.

Another effective way to invite a lot of people in the group. Agree with any group of free spins on how to place them on the page joint competition. Some such groups hold contests for free. Plus of this method is that these groups usually a lot of followers who will do reposts. Thereby tell your friends about your group.

There is another way to quickly populate the group members. Visit the group for mutual membership in the group. Type in the search: "PR group" or "mutual membership in the group." In such groups the participants of the free sharing of subscriptions. To do this simply and quickly. People from groups rarely unsubscribe, and gradually the group is filled with new participants.