Advice 1: How to increase the number of subscribers in the group "Vkontakte"

To create a group of "Vkontakte" is not difficult. However, many have the question of how to promote the group legally, free and without markups. How to add participants who do not get out of the group, and to increase the number of subscribers. There are several ways.
How to increase the number of subscribers in the group "Vkontakte"

First you need to register a new account "Vkontakte". Immediately write down and save yourself a username and password for this account. This is your non-core page, it's very easy to forget the password. Besides, when you start to invite people, someone can click on a spam, and the page will temporarily block. But this will not happen if you follow some rules, described below.

To create an account, write a few words about the status of your group can put up some photos of the product or service you sell. Start inviting your friends to this page.

Your task is to invite friends from your target audience. Go to a group with a similar topic. For example, if you sell clothes, find it in the search communities similar group. In this group, do a search for the participants, putting the desired search parameters. City, gender and age of your future customers. Then add in friends of these people.

Sometimes, the people themselves will ask the reason for adding. It is better not to attach any message to the friend request - you can click on the spam and your page will temporarily block. It's fixable, if you remember your username and password, but will take some time. When people see that they added in friends advertising page, hardly anyone clicks on spam. Those your page will be interested, will add you in friends or in a group.

When your page appears enough people, send all invites to the group. Text messages can be duplicated.

Another effective way to invite a lot of people in the group. Agree with any group of free spins on how to place them on the page joint competition. Some such groups hold contests for free. Plus of this method is that these groups usually a lot of followers who will do reposts. Thereby tell your friends about your group.

There is another way to quickly populate the group members. Visit the group for mutual membership in the group. Type in the search: "PR group" or "mutual membership in the group." In such groups the participants of the free sharing of subscriptions. To do this simply and quickly. People from groups rarely unsubscribe, and gradually the group is filled with new participants.

Advice 2 : How to increase the rating Vkontakte

For many users,"Vkontakte" it is important to have as high a rating in this social network. This allows you to display links to their page first in the search engines, and just increases self-esteem. There are several ways how to increase the rating of "Vkontakte".
How to increase the rating Vkontakte
You will need
  • - filled out information about themselves;
  • - friends;
  • - friend, who is not registered on the site.
  • mobile phone;
  • - online wallet.
The more information about yourself you provide, the higher you will have a rating. Most increase the rating a fully filled-in personal information – 20%, these schools will also give you 20% (and these school and work place are valued much higher than the UNIVERSITY), a noted favorite places – 10% and contact information – 10%. The more items you are currently filled, the higher your status "Vkontakte". Be sure to put on your avatar photo – she will provide you with as many as 25% of the rating.
Despite the widespread use of social media, surely you have friends who are not registered on the site. In that case, if they sign up "Vkontakte"using your invitation, you will receive 25% of their rating. For this you need to send them a link to register, which will contain your id, fill in the information about yourself and upload a photo.
Of course, your rating will increase if your friends will give their votes for you. However, it will help to improve the ratingand then, if you will vote for friends, because your ratingwill be added at a small percentage of the votes cast. Actively vote for yourself, and your friends will want to thank you for it.
Of course, will increase the rating of "Vkontakte" it is possible for a fee. For this you will need to send an SMS message to the indicated server room, with the result that you get from three to ten votes, depending on the amount you spent on SMS. Then you can spend the voices for the higher rating.
To pay for the voice not only via mobile but also through the transfer of money. For this you need a purse Webmoney, Yandex money, PayPal or any other. Earning votes this way will be cheaper than sending SMS.

Advice 3 : How to raise the rating Vkontakte

A rating of "Vkontakte" in the form of a strip under the avatar that changed color depending on the values that have long been cancelled and a voice like a payment system inside a social network no longer make sense. Today, under the rating adopted to understand the position in the total search among people.
How to raise the rating Vkontakte

Why you need a rating?

Previously, the numeric value of the rating on your page that influence search results and place you are. So Pavel Durov – page No. 1 "Vkontakte" this parameter was the largest. This enabled him to be in the list of all the people without filters first. Today on your position in the search affects the number of subscribers on the page. These are the people that agree to receive news from you in your news feed on the website, but not added to.

In the first place is also Pavel Durov, but the following is Dmitry Medvedev. Also in the rankings are athletes, pop and movie stars and other personalities, attracting people's attention. Accordingly, to raise the rating you need to increase the number of subscribers.

How to raise the rating Vkontakte

First, you can add friends and then delete them. After this procedure, they are transferred to the subscribers. About 30-40% of people just do not notice that have been removed. But this is a rather unreliable method, because sooner or later everyone will clean the list of interesting pages, i.e., those to which they subscribed.

The second way is to cheat this parameter by adding bots to lifeless pages. These fake pages are periodically deleted, so the number of your subscribers will eventually decrease.

On average, for display on the first page in the city-millionaire is enough 30-50 thousand followers. But still there are other factors such as number of friends, number of photos added, comments under posts on the page, the number of hearts and the option to "Tell friends".

Turns out to be the rating need to be a really popular person, which is of interest to people. You can be a musician, a skateboarder, a DJ, whatever, it was interesting to other people. In addition, you have to write interesting entries, thoughts, to tell about their everyday life, etc. All require sufficient attention and you will do depend on this popularity.

Blueprint for the withdrawal of your page in TopNet. Just need to be in the trend, use popular tags when adding entries to the page to participate in public life. Ideally, you, as well as all public people, need your PR Manager that will monitor your image and prompt the next step. In addition to the page "Vkontakte", you desperately need to have your Twitter and Instagram followers which you probably will, and subscribers in the social network.

Advice 4 : As Facebook to increase group

Social network "Vkontakte" allows its users not only to communicate with each other through the exchange of personal messages, but also create your interest groups. The public with a large number of subscribers will help you to quickly achieve your goals.
As Facebook to increase group

Why the need for the group "Vkontakte"

Group in this social network are created for different purposes. Some users want to share interesting and useful information, someone thus promoting their hobby and some even earn money by creating a public for sale things over the Internet or doing advertising.

How to promote a public "Vkontakte"

To increase the number of users of your public "Vkontakte", you can use a variety of methods. The first method is the following: when creating a new group, you gradually begin to invite their friends. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you can send daily not more than forty invitations. If the limit is exhausted, you can take advantage of banal sending of private messages to all users included in the list of your friends. The message text can be arbitrary, but it must contain a link to your group and request membership. Just be careful: some of your friends may complain about spamming, and it threatens to freeze your page.

The second method is also in the invitation. Just for this you have to visit other popular pages and leave the records on the wall a link to your group and invitation text. The only negative is that the administration of these communities can delete your spam and add you to the blacklist. If you have the opportunity to post links to your group on various thematic forums or in other social networks, use it.

According to the third method, you can negotiate with the administrators of other public servers that have a huge number of subscribers, that they will be engaged in your community. However, such service is rather expensive and depends on the rating and popularity of the group where you want to place information about yourself.

If you have opened the group, selling some products or providing services, to increase the number of subscribers you can have a little contest with prizes. The conditions of competition are joining the group and repost. During the debriefing the winner will be selected by the random number generator and will receive a valuable prize. Announcements of these contests are posted in such public of a city. After summarizing some users may leave your community, but some number of stranded subscribers still remain.
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