Think of a suitable name for your group, or public. It should be a keyword that users will be able to find your group and join it. For example, creating a page about music, don't label it, for example, "Group of those who are crazy about music." Much faster you can make a group of "Vkontakte" popular, if you narrow the page direction, and point and name the specific genre - "Our love is rock music" or popular phrase – "Those who loves to listen to music." So your page will be placed higher in the search by selected keywords. Anyway, make sure the name was unique and eye-catching (some users specifically come in groups with beautiful names, to decorate your page).
Create a detailed description of the group in a special field. Don't leave it blank and do not limit yourself to one sentence. Write 2-3 paragraphs beautifully describing the purpose of the group and using 2-3 times a keyword from the title, as well as several adjacent phrases.
Install a bright and memorable emblem of the group. Currently the social network "Vkontakte" quite a lot of various groups, and if you put simple or already used by someone a picture, you risk to get lost among the competitors.
Invite your group to their friends as well as advertise the opening in the other groups with similar themes. Be careful and place the invitation only where it is permitted, while most often change his text, or the administration of "Vkontakte" will suspect you in spamming".
Try to make a Facebook group popular, leaving references to third party sites: forums, entertainment sites and sites with similar themes. You can place links to the main pages of resources on a fee basis, agreeing with their owners.
Ask for help in a special group "Vkontakte" on promotion. For a fee, or service users will help to promote your public. Nevertheless, much hope for this method is not necessary. If a final were not initially interested in the subject of your group, soon they can leave.
Use the advertising service of "Vkontakte". The link to it you will find in the resources group when it was created. On a paid basis, your ad will be posted in the teaser ads, apps, and other groups.
Do not forget to update page content, add new records on the wall, comments, albums, tracks and videos. Remember that users that your group will like, be sure to recommend it to their friends. As a result, the page popularity will increase every day without your participation.