You will need
  • Internet access, a personal page on the website "Vkontakte".
Go to your profile on the website "Vkontakte", enter the username and password in the appropriate fields at the entrance. Next, find information about yourself, it is located on the right side. If necessary, click on the link "Show details", and then all the components will be opened to you.
Locate in the list the position of "Personal information". To the right of look for where it says "Edit", printed in grey font. Click on it with the left mouse button once. You will see the page for editing all items of information about you.
On the page that appears, locate the second window on top, signed on the left side "Interests." Press the left button of the mouse in the open field. There will be a small blinking vertical bar. After that you can start to write in this empty box.
In this window you can write what is your primary job and Hobbies. For example: "Devote yourself to the work with clients, photography, and tennis." Can specify your main class in a comma: "Reading, music, clubs, or Psychology, KVN theatre". For characteristics you may use funny words and the original momentum: "At leisure translate grandmothers across the road, doing bumagodelatelnaja write poems". You can also use for text formatting various characters, edit the height of the letters by pressing "Caps Lock", to use the Latin script and so on.
Once you're finished filling this field, scroll the mouse wheel down the page and look under all the fields the "Save" button. Click on it once with left mouse button. After that, the page will automatically scroll up, and all Windows will appear in a yellow rectangle "Changes saved. New data will be reflected on your page". Then you can go to your page and view the entry about the interests in information about themselves.