Select the suitable theme if you have the opportunity. For example, if you are planning to make a group for barbershop, you'll have to cover her beauty, fashion, hair styles, hair care products. However, if we are talking about creating a group, are not tied to any institution or resource, you will not be restricted in choosing a topic. It is important to consider the level of competition: the higher it is, the less chances you have to attract the attention of subscribers.
Select the appropriate avatar for the group and make interesting, but not too long description. These two elements will create the first impression of your community. Poor quality or totally inappropriate for the theme of the picture and poor description can cause low popularity of.
Open some interesting discussions and polls that people wanted to participate in them. If you are familiar with those insults and flat humor, avoid provocative issues and themes.
Publish on the wall, photos and videos on your chosen topic. They have to be interesting, causing a desire to share it with your friends leave on your wall, forward it to someone, either to recommend the group. It is strongly recommended not to take materials from other communities – so you only will create another clone that nobody will be interested. Try to find something that will appeal to users.
Find your flavor, your unique content. It is very important that you have had special service, for which people will come daily. It may be interesting novelties, special material feeding, unique tests, and polls, contests.
Update the wall every day, ensure that subscribers often could see some interesting news, and remember to invite new people to the group. Over time, this will help you to achieve high popularity: the more and more you will be quoted, the sooner people know about your group.