Some search engines update of the database occurs every day, but with a certain delay. For example, in Yandex, it can range from 2 to 15 days. So even if you follow all the recommendations, still have to wait until the search engine refreshes. To track updates you can on sites like PR-CY or Webmasters.
Indexing of new pages does the robot search engines. He moves only the links and their default settings. So, if you want to speed up the process, you need to bring the robot to the page. For this you need to use the resources that are quickly updated and where you can put a link.
First add the page via the panel webmaster Yandex. To do this you need to go to the website and click on "Add new site". You will see the rules and guidelines. Read them, copy the link in the box to add, enter the CAPTCHA and hit "Send." The service will notify you that in the near future this page will appear in the search.
To improve the indexing of good help twitter accounts. If you already have a promoted profile, you can use it. If not – order service on any freelance website, forum or a special exchange. The more links will be posted, the more chances that in the near future the site will appear in search engines. Therefore, it is better to take the runs from hundreds of accounts. Cost this service is 50-100 rubles.
Another place that is often visited by search engines is social bookmarking. However, most of them no longer works, but still there are projects which people still use today. You can either run independently, or to pay the money and receive the result. The cost run about 30-50 rubles, but it all depends on the performer.
The most reliable way is to buy a temporary link to the website that is updated frequently and has a wide audience. For example, it may be some kind of news resource. Go to any exchange of temporary links (for example, sape or mainlink), find the appropriate website and buy link for a week. It will cost you about 3-5 rubles, but the result is virtually guaranteed.
You can also use their own websites. Just leave a link to your page Vkontakte in one of the articles or make through placement (if the result is necessary to achieve as quickly as possible). Can also ask friends and acquaintances who have their own resources to help you.