Create a beautiful avatar. You can be photographed against the backdrop of nature and a little bit to process the image with photoshop. Or contact a professional photographer. He will make high quality and beautiful photos.
Select an attractive theme for your page. The invented very much, you need to use only one of them. This is a group where programmers-professionals or just lovers post new themes pages. Just search for the word "design". Consider screenshots of different topics: anime, music, love.
View what browser you are using. This is a program for browsing the Internet. The most common browsers - Opera and Internet Explorer. If you have installed Opera, copy the text in the table located under the image theme. Then paste it into Notepad. Save the document. You then need to check the settings of your browser. The "view Modes" is the option "My style sheet", there has to be checked.
Go to your webpage "Vkontakte". Right-click the mouse on the background and select change host settings. On the tab "Display" click "Browse". Locate the file you saved, then click OK.
Configure attractive look to your web pages using Internet Explorer. Installation is carried out as in Opera, only when you save the need to open the settings "appearance" and then "format documents using my style." In the "Browse" find your saved document with your theme and select it.
Visit the website Install the program. On this resource you can select a beautiful design for the page "Vkontakte". Under any theme click "Install". Logging on to the service you will see the changes.