As you know, pregnancy is divided into three phases – trimester. For each trimester specific features, this also applies to intimate life. The first trimester is considered the most dangerous, which is why many gynecologists advise at this period entirely exclude sex. However, complete abstinence from sex during pregnancy is justified only in case if there is a threat of interruption.
It is also not recommended to be sexually active in case of low attachment of the ovum in the uterus. Taking this into account and learning about pregnancy, you should visit a doctor and make sure everything is in order. To refrain from intimacy in the first trimester is 4, 8 and 12 weeks – at a time when he was supposed to start my period if pregnancy does not occur.
Generally, sex during pregnancy first trimester usually need more men. Women in this period often suffer from morning sickness, become drowsy and irritable, interest in sex is almost lost. Many women also experiencing vaginal dryness, in this case, during intimacy it is necessary to use lubricants.
The second trimester can be the most favorable for sex: discomfort associated with morning sickness, already behind, and the stomach is not large enough to interfere with a full sexual life. Besides the hormonal changes at this time, give you more vivid sexual sensations. For the baby, too can not worry: he's already big enough and firmly entrenched in the uterus. You could even say that the sex in the second trimester is useful, as it gives the expectant mother positive emotions. Of course, this only applies to normal pregnancy. If there are any pathology, not worth the risk.
In the third trimester to make love carefully, without sudden movements and deep penetration. Grown significantly by this time the stomach will significantly reduce the choice of poses for sex. The best position is the position on the side where the man is behind. In this case, the pressure on the stomach is minimal. Sex before childbirth for a couple of weeks should stop altogether, in order not to provoke premature birth. Most likely, the woman herself will feel that is not experiencing the former needs intimacy, as even a small physical activity lead to shortness of breath and much exhausted. If the woman perekashivaet pregnancy more than the period, sex can be to renew, to stimulate the birth process. Effective method: many women thus from the marital bed, and went straight to the hospital.