Sex during pregnancy

Some women refuse to sex life during pregnancy, while others on the contrary, want to have sex as often as possible. Gynecologists claim that sex will not bring the baby in the womb is no harm. So there is no need to limit yourself in pleasure.

The fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and the bladder, the cervix closes special mucus plug. How would you not violently made love, to reach the embryo will not work. Moreover, it argued that semen well prepares the cervix for the upcoming birth. Sperm softens the uterus and makes it supple. Therefore, sex especially useful in the later stages of pregnancy.

Choose these sex positions for lovemaking that will be comfortable for both partners. Not recommended for the expectant mother during sex is to lie on your back, so you'll have to find other positions (woman on top, on the side or on all fours). Try not to over-tighten the belly. It is necessary to consider another important point, especially in the last weeks of carrying a child. During orgasm the release of oxytocin into the bloodstream, this hormone prepares the cervix for childbirth, therefore, can provoke contractions.

In the first trimester all men experience the same sexual attraction to the partner, and before conception. But in the last months the desire has abated somewhat. And this does not mean that he finds you unattractive. This change in sexuality due to the fear to hurt the baby. Perhaps some future Pope is worried about the health of your unborn child and your health. In this case, a good solution may be oral sex, which is safe for your baby and for you.

In some cases, to abstain from sex?

We recommend caution if you only found out about the pregnancy. The fact is that the female body sees the fertilized egg as a foreign body, so the uterus can occur tone. The first two months is recommended to treat your body, to eliminate sexual life, steam room, exercise and sudden movement. If implantation of a embryo is not low, the tone of the uterus, the pregnant complains of nothing, then the restrictions on sexual life removable.

You should refrain from sex in the following cases:
- the presence of uterine contractions (contractions);
- bleeding;
- leakage of amniotic fluid;
- placenta previa;
- failure of the cervix (with previous pregnancies).

Also the doctor can forbid you to make love, if partner has genital herpes. If during pregnancy you will become infected with this disease then it is likely that this will affect the further development of the child.