You will need
  • - condoms;
  • - towels;
  • - swipe;
  • - candles.
Take care of security. During menstruation in women the cervix is not protected by a mucous plug, so the risk of penetration of various infections increases several times. There is a big risk of infection to a man via the urethra. The best option is to use condoms.
Think in advance of questions of hygiene. If the partners decided to make love during menstruation, this indicates the extreme degree of proximity between them. However, the aesthetic side of the issue should not be ignored. It is best to choose a place with subdued light, on the bed lay a dark linen. Stock a sufficient number of towels, wet and dry wipes. Under these rules, you will be able to completely forget about what having sex during the critical days.
Try to arrange a romantic evening in the bathroom. Turn off the lights, place scented candles, turn on music. Since the hot tub is not recommended during menstruation, give preference to warm the soul. Take it together with a partner, gradually moving to mutual caresses. Due to the absence of bright light, and running down to the water, any bleeding go unnoticed.
Too intense movement can aggravate bleeding. Choose a posture in which the penetration is not too deep. Your actions must be soft and delicate. Allowed the use of pharmaceutical lubricants, which will reduce the discomfort.