What you need first and foremost to solve the pregnant student?

The most important thing to do is to set priorities for themselves. After all, studying can wait, but the child will not wait. Therefore, in the first place for you to be pregnant. Study nothing will happen. In extreme cases, a sabbatical has not been canceled.

What problems can bring pregnancy during study?

Psychological. For those who are studying full-time students, will be more difficult to get used to the idea that new life, new rules. It will be difficult to watch every day for fun and friends, Sorority sisters, knowing that for you it is fun in the past. Be prepared for the fact that you have to give up many personal interests, from Hiking to clubs, from extreme sports. Now your task is to carry and give birth to healthy and strong baby. After all, it is more important than to buy a new purse or to meet with another boy in the Park?

Difficulties with teachers. Unfortunately, not all teachers make concessions to pregnant students. Moreover, some of them without a twinge of conscience begins to "throw" the mother in the exam. What guided these persons is unknown. Especially silly when among such teachers meet women. One gets the feeling that they are too quickly forgotten how to be themselves in the situation and cope with the complexities that arise during pregnancy. Well, okay, let it remain on their conscience. Glad that these teachers are very, very small. For the most part, they are quite adequate people, who were willing to make concessions to pregnant students.

Truancy and "tails." It is no secret that pregnancy is often accompanied by problems. Many moms have had to endure the morning sickness, and heartburn and normal discomfort. What kind of studies can be discussed, when there is only one desire – to get under the covers and lay there until you feel better? The most insulting, what is the sense of pregnant students (not only students) there almost 7 days a week. Hence, there are truancy, which is where the problems start in relations with the faculty and Dean's office.

Constant fatigue and malaise. Pregnant students are advised to warn the teachers about his interesting position. It is very difficult to sit through a half hour without interruption in the same position. Explain that you need a couple of times for a couple to go in the hallway to walk through. To be a long time in one position is bad for you. If you clearly explain this to the teacher, no one will mind if you during the pair got up and walked out into the corridor.

Pregnancy during the study – not the end of the world

Study and pregnancy combining. The main thing – to tune in to a positive. Pregnancy is not a disease, it is not necessary to pretend to be poor and tired in order to receive credit. The teachers will meet, if you notice that a pregnant student will gladly go to lectures and interested in learning.

If your pregnancy is not the best way, if you see that to combine study and pregnancy does not work, take Akadem. There is nothing to worry. It is now much more important than the little man that lives at your heart. Believe me, teachers won't be offended if you said goodbye to them in just 1 year. It will be much better than trying to combine what to combine for certain reasons does not work.

Once I had to make sure to combine studies and pregnancy is not so easy. Being a pregnant student, I arrived for a session in another city (at that time I was already studying by correspondence) and on the 3rd day of the session ended up in hospital with a threatened miscarriage. At the time the pregnancy was 7 months. What do you think, was it worth it? Maybe it would be wiser to have time off in advance and get pleasure from your pregnancy? Study-study, and the child is more important. It is a pity that awareness of these simple truths comes too late. In the end, I still had to take a sabbatical, because to go back to uni, after a two week stay in the hospital longer wanted. Health of the daughter for me was more important than studying.

Don't worry, thousands of girls to a leave of absence and then return to school. In most cases it is a wise decision. In the case of pregnant female students there is also the 2 outputs.

If the expectant mother is studying full-time students, can be translated by correspondence. To appear in the University 2 times a year is so much easier than every day. J to Arrange an individual visit. More about this can read in the Dean's office. I warn you once, few universities are going to meet pregnant students and consent to private use. The maximum that can be achieved early delivery of the session. By the way, it was my old classmate Lena. A month before delivery she passed the session and quietly went to gather the bags in the hospital. All the teachers went to meet the expectant mother, by signing the record book and wishing good luck.

Pregnancy during the study – not a disaster. Learn to always look for the pros and not the cons. For example, when you're finished school, the child has to be given to the kindergarten. And you with peace of mind will go to build a career. While your girlfriends have during pregnancy to quit. By the way, many employers, when hiring an employee in the state pose no children in the next X years. For you it will not be an obstacle. You will have a wonderful chubby baby that you gave birth to during their studies.

Health to you, even pregnancy during the study will not be for you difficulty.