What are the hoops?

On the shelves of sports shops huge selection of various equipment, including hula hooping. The most common is the wrap made of plastic or light metal. It is hollow inside.

The following variant – weighted inventory. He, compared to conventional, has more weight, ranging from 0.5 to 2 kilograms. Those women who are unable to purchase a weighted wrap we can recommend the following. To buy the most simple hula hooping and independently add it. This can be done vsypav inside the sand or groats: peas, rice. Plus, this homemade equipment – the ability to change its weight independently as needed.

Another version of wrap – folding. It is ideal for those people who have the square allows you to store a massive inventory at home. With a foldable Hoop, you can save the area, because it folds up several times: two, four, six, all depends on the design. However and disadvantages of such a hula Hoop is. Not all of them are qualitative and some during operation "fall apart" into pieces. Therefore, it is recommended to buy them in specialized stores, where there is a guarantee on the equipment.

The latest variation of Hoop – massage. It is made of special balls that when doing work problem areas: abdomen, buttocks, thighs. This wrap not only helps to achieve a slim waistline, but also to get rid of cellulite. Modern models can be equipped with a mini-computer that shows exercise time, speed and calories you burn.

How to engage with the Hoop?

Start a training session is recommended with the easy, conventional Hoop. First time to play it daily for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time for 1-2 minutes, until the occupation will not come to an hour. About 7 days to train for 30 minutes, then you can either buy a heavier Hoop or aggravate existing ones. Add all of the hula-Hoop, too, need slowly: 300-500 grams every 7-10 days. Twist the Hoop heavier than 2.5 kilograms is not recommended, so as not to harm health.

It is worth noting another point. For the first time from the class with a Hoop on the body can bruise. To avoid this trouble, you can twist a hula Hoop on a tight sweater or a special neoprene belt. Over time, it is better to do on a naked body, as this will create more and more massage effect.