Causes of heart attack

Usually the heart attack suffered by people who very little exercise. Also a background of heart attack can be a nervous breakdown or mental and emotional overload of the body. However, sometimes a heart attack occurs in young boys and girls. Often he was observed recently in people with excellent physical form.

Weight causes of heart attack can manifest itself in unexpected processes. For example, overeating may be the main cause of myocardial infarction. Often a heart attack occurs due to wrong diet. More precisely, the cause of the heart attack is excess in the body of animal fats.

Particularly prone to myocardial infarction sedentary people, smokers and drinkers of alcohol, people suffering from hypertension. Physically active people suffer a heart attack, but it happens much less frequently.

Symptoms of a heart attack

The fastest way to understand the approach of a heart attack will help this symptom is a strong and sharp pain in the chest. This pain if flows like wire on his left hand. The pain is accompanied by a slight tingling in the fingers, wrist and palm. The pain may move to shoulder, neck, jaw. All these places begin to feel the pain exactly on the left side.

During a heart attack a person experiences unbearable burning pain. Sometimes these feelings can make a person scream. Very often, instead of pain, the person experiences some compression of the chest, tightness of the chest muscles. The pain occur in waves, then amplified, then completely disappear. The most frequent time of heart attacks in the morning and night. Usually the pain lasts about half an hour.

Life after a heart attack

Sometimes the consequence of a heart attack becomes fatal. Fortunately, this sad event whether they are not always. Most people still survive after a heart attack. However, life after a heart attack depends on many factors.

First, a heart attack can be not first, but second or third.

Secondly, the most often companion of a heart attack is some other disease.

Third, the age of a person undergoing a heart attack, also plays a role.

In fact, a certain answer to the question of the number of years after a heart attack does not exist. If the cause of the heart attack was minor, and the phenomenon has not recurred, so much to worry about and not worth it. But if a person with a heart attack has other illness, you should approach the issue seriously and seen the specialist. To live after a heart attack and can be ten, twenty, thirty years. But most of the attacks are repeated heart attacks in people who have experienced it once, repeatedly.