Advice 1: Whether in the bath after myocardial infarction

Bath helps to cleanse and heal the body. You can visit it in the absence of absolute contraindications. In acute, subacute period and the period of scarring after myocardial infarction from the bath will have to give.
Whether in the bath after myocardial infarction

During the period of rehabilitation after myocardial infarction from the bath will have to give

Acute and subacute period after myocardial infarction lasts for up to 8 weeks. Then begins the long period of of scarring during which to visit bath, sauna, strictly contraindicated.

Rehabilitation after myocardial infarction may last from 6 to 12 months. At this time the patient is necessary and you can take a warm shower. If, after myocardial infarction it has been a long time, you feel good and plan to visit bath or sauna, it is rational to obtain prior recommendation of the attending physician.
Myocardial infarction part of the contractile cells of the myocardium dies and is replaced by connective tissue. Formed a rough scar, preventing normal circulation.

You will conduct a range of diagnostics, based on the results which the doctor will tell you if you can go to the sauna or is it better to spare the reception of hygienic shower.

Stay in the steam room helps healthy people relax, relieve stress, get a charge of vivacity and a burst of vitality. The fact is that exposure to high temperatures leads to an increase in heart rate, increases peripheral circulation, cardiac output increases in half to two times.
Extreme high temperatures in the steam room can only sustain a strong body is absolutely healthy person. After a heart attack, any extreme is contraindicated.

All this is very dangerous if the scarring after myocardial infarction incomplete. Increased blood circulation can result in re-infarction. Sauna heat stimulates the heart activity that is very dangerous in the period of incomplete recovery.

A visit to the washing compartment

Very often the question about visiting the baths is to those patients who live in a private house and are not able to take hygienic shower. You can take water treatments in the bathroom, but to refuse to visit the steam room and the use of very hot water.

Bath without extreme high temperatures on the body not contraindicated in patients who have had a recent myocardial infarction. If you have been discharged from hospital and, in addition to the bath, there's no more room for hygienic procedures, visit the washroom, do not worry for your health. Because the temperature does not exceed 25-28 degrees. From visiting the same pair separation can be temporarily abandoned.

Advice 2: How to take a bath at another place

There are several ways to move the bath. This will require technology services or welded frame of I-beam. The main attention should be paid to the preparatory process.
The bath can be moved in several ways
You will need
  • - crane
  • - trucks
  • - slings
  • - jacks
  • - construction tool (hammer, axe, pry bar, handsaw)
  • - winch
If there is a need to move the bath, you can use one of several ways. For any of them, you need to consider every nuance of the buildings and the land on which it is located. In addition, of great importance for the success of the event plays the distance you want to move or move the bath.
If it is small in size and is a sturdy, good construction, better use of the crane-manipulator. But this method can be used only in the case when no wire of the power line which can interfere with the operation of the equipment.
The main attention should be paid to preparation for the transfer. At first you will need to remove from the roof of loose roofing material (e.g. slate). Then proceed to release the stove (if it is on the Foundation, and is not a common stove). To do this with her apart the floorboards so that when lifting built in oven passed freely through the hole.
From the room take out all removable items (benches, racks, basins etc.). Next, begin to disassemble the porch (if any). It is enough to disconnect from the bath in any way, as later it will be installed at the new location. The next step is "hanging" buildings. For this purpose, use the jacks that are installed in each corner of the bath. Alternately lifting the crowns, to achieve that height of the lower ceiling, to be able to stretch the straps. Upon completion of preparatory works in the process of entering the crane. With it, the construction of the lift and move it to the right places
There is the "American" method of moving buildings. The preparatory process in this case is similar to the previous, but the corners domkrat much longer. The bath needs to be lifted on such height that under it could drop platform autoplatforms. If the building can not withstand this procedure, and you experience a misalignment of the frame or cracks, it is better to use a crane. He carefully lift the bath and set it on the trucks. This method is suitable for those who need to transport a building in the distance.
You can move the bath without the use of technology. In this case, the preparatory process should be more thorough. If building is the Foundation, it is necessary to disassemble. Similarly we proceed with a porch or veranda. Then, under each corner of the bath set the Jack and raise it evenly. In advance you need to prepare the metal frame of the I-beam, the dimensions of which correspond to the perimeter of the building. It is necessary to get under the bath and lower it so that the floor joists were on the frame. Move construction is possible winches are secured using trees or other buildings.
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