Positive consequences

Small enough the probability that the person whose services you have asked, has a supernatural power, but, nevertheless, it is. In this case, the session she will be able to predict your future and warn of impending trouble.

If you are sure that the fortune teller really made a real prediction, and determined the twists and turns of your destiny, follow all the advice that she told you. It is useful to ask the teller to make sure that her prediction is not fiction, and to clarify obscure points of divination.
Before you pay for the service in the form of predicting the future, ask the fortune teller to tell about your past to make sure that the psychic is real and is really able to give a prediction.

If the fortune teller is so strong that foretold your destiny, it is possible that it will be able not only to identify trouble, but, at your request, fix destiny so that part of the misery will pass you.

Another positive consequence of visiting fortune tellers is a purely psychological confidence. Considering that the future is known to you, and money well spent, you will act much more determined, that, most likely, will lead to the success of your planned enterprises. In this case you pay a fortune not so much for prediction as for faith in a better future that awaits you.

Negative effects

If you believe the predictions of fortune-tellers, get ready for what you have in the future will be not only light and bright moments, but also difficult periods. This may accordingly have an impact on your mood and life.

If you distrust the teller, to torment the idea that you should not went to a psychic and wasted money on a charlatan. In this case, you will ruin not only your mood, but you will lose money and other material values.
Gypsy fortune teller – the majority of the swindler, who for "predicting" the lure of money and jewelry. Turning to them, try to get the prediction at least in the special magic salons, and not at the station.

Also, don't forget about how you will look in the eyes of others after the call to the fortuneteller. Religious people, both Christians and Muslims, predicting the future and witchcraft are considered to be serious sin which is not only a witch, but on the man who turned to her.

In addition to the above, it is believed that the man is paying for the divination, not only by money but also their health. Farther is able to look to the future, the greater the harm to your body. Often this occurs for no apparent reason, when doctors can't give an exact diagnosis of the strange illness.

It is believed that the subject of divination, having received a prediction of love in the future, when meeting with a lover (a lover) suddenly ceases to feel her warm feelings and love will turn into a heavy burden.

Finally, there is a belief that "it is often impossible to guess - a life lost". Frequent trips to fortune-tellers can cause you lose control over your destiny and she'll begin to depend on the words and the will of the fortune teller.