Divination and religion

Going for advice to his grandmother, one should not forget that the Church to magic rituals refers negatively. Divination is a sin, so we need some time to think over the situation. It is likely that the problem can be solved in other ways not prohibited by the laws of the Bible.
"Real" money will never charge a certain fee for their services. In the world of magic and witchcraft this is considered a very serious offense.

Listening to the teller and telling her your own personal experiences of the people in the truest sense of the word, transmits its fate in the hands of unknown persons, claiming that she can see the future. If we assume that the fortune teller was wrong and I had to do differently, to determine the culprit will be difficult. You can take fatal actions, they only impact on the lives of trusting the person, not the headstock.

The Church preaches that life is given to everyone by God. Man must live and improve themselves, mistakes and difficulty are inseparable companions in life and are given over to knowledge of truths.

Morale before going to the grandmother

If the decision is made and the person caught in a difficult situation, still goes to a fortune, then before the meeting be sure to give yourself a few attitudes. First, it is not necessary to believe every word the headstock, even if emotions overflow from the truthfulness of words and a multitude of coincidences. Secondly, after going to the fortune teller it is necessary to go to Church. Any divination is a sin in which it is better to repent immediately. Thirdly, do not hurry to perform all the instructions of a fortuneteller.
The main features of the "real" fortune tellers are considered the specific facts – dates, names, events. Ambiguous and General phrases should arouse suspicion.

Quite often the words said the grandmother, remains in the memory of man. If, for example, for a woman to say that her husband is cheating on her, even in the absence of reasons, the suspicion will grow rapidly. Sooner or later thoughts materialists, and not for lack of love, but through constant humiliation and unjustified accusations from the naive wife.

Is it possible to "lose to fate"

The term "lost destiny" is closely related to divination. Even in ancient times it was believed that magical rituals should not get involved. In addition, if you constantly hear bad predictions, then the probability of execution is very high.

Practice shows that the predictions suffer themselves money. First, they get to see something that is not known even to your loved ones. However, over time, personal emotions dominate over a gift. Predictions become inaccurate, and in the councils of the grandmother starts to be guided by personal experience or speculation. Often with fortune-tellers happen to a tragic situation related to the life or health.