To deal with aphids to the spring, yet the trees have not blossomed leaves. At this time it is still on last year's shoots of plants and is easily eliminated. Too late to deal with it is practically useless. Then it will have to be destroyed using chemicals that are not beneficial for the plants.

How to get rid of cherry aphids in spring?

Aphids can be eliminated with the help of improvised means available in almost every home. For example, aphids afraid of nettle and garlic broth, onion and wormwood tincture, tincture of hot pepper, and celandine. You can try the following recipes.

Glass tobacco dust and the same quantity of wood ash (as a variant – a glass of shag and a tablespoon of mustard and liquid soap), pour 2-3 liters of boiling water, stir well and leave for a day. At the end of time fill with water to make 10 l, strain the solution and process them with the cherry from top to bottom. Attention should be paid to the bottom of the tree where the aphids are especially a lot. Repeat the treatment in 7-9 days.

Effective against aphids on cherry will be, if you use tarragon, stepchildren tomatoes, garlic arrows and celandine. It is necessary to put these plants in a bucket, cover them with water and leave for 3-4 days. Then strain the solution and mix it with the ash infusion. If you have soft – you can add to the soap, if hard – washing detergent. The mixture should be sprayed cherries at least once a week.

To make a soapy solution with sunflower oil and sprinkle it on the trunk and leaves of the tree. Pests should disappear.

For best suppression of aphids, you can use these three methods in turn.

Unusual ways of pest control

If you think than processing cherries from aphids, try to use the following methods. They are a little unusual, but with pests, according to experienced gardeners, doing very well.

The first method – take an old iron bucket and the bottom of the wall make some holes. Put junk rubber shoes or worn-out Shoe, kindle fire. Top cover the tin, leaving a hole. Walk around with a bucket around the tree. The result will be visible after 15 minutes.

The second method is to spray the cherries either with a hose or vodka from a spray bottle. Repeat several times, if after the first aphids on the tree still remained.