If the drain is already faded and it has berries, while the tree attacked by aphids, from handling industrial chemicals should be abandoned. In this way you will be sure that the fruit will not absorb harmful substances and in the end, you collect a decent crop of delicious and healthy fruit.

Aphids do a good job, many traditional recipes, especially well-proven extracts of tobacco and garlic, potato tops and tomato. These tools are perfectly cast aphids, however briefly, to completely get rid of these insects, you need to destroy garden ants. Yes, it is ants, because ants are "owners" of aphids, they help very young his "wards" to move around the tree (put them on more succulent young leaves), create shelter from the elements, and in the fall transferred to his anthill to the next spring again they "walk". Why the ants need it? Everything is simple, the aphid sucks from the leaves juice, the organisms digest proteins, and secrete waste sugar - sweet droplets that feed on ants. Therefore, if the sink appeared aphids, take a set of measures. First, treat the trees with one of the infusions:

Infusion of garlic. Take 100-150 grams of garlic cloves, chop them and pour ten litres of water. Let steep for a couple of days, strain.

Infusion of tobacco. Buy 100 grams of snuff, fill it with five litres of water and allow to stand for three to five days. Strain.

The infusion of the leaves and laterals of tomatoes. The tops and shoots chop them, fill their bucket and fill with water (to the brim). Leave for three days, strain.

In one of the prepared infusions, add some liquid soap (a tablespoon per five gallons) and spray their trees, trying not to let the leaves, paying special attention to their lower end.

Secondly, after the above procedure make the sink "huntsman's belt". Wrap the barrel in a conventional film, a width of about 20 centimeters, after which coat it with grease. Most ants will not be able to get through the obstacles, stick and die. In addition can mix sugar with boric acid in equal proportions, and throw this "food for ants" around the plum.