The fight against aphids is a process that must begin on time. And it is not possible without the control of ants. Because they are bred aphids, transferring it to shoots and trees in the spring. So in parallel with the processing of the aphids need to destroy garden ants, there are a number of ways, described in another article.

Basically, to get rid of aphids is easy, it has a rather soft shell. Therefore, positive results can bring even a simple treatment of soap and water solution to the infected surface. However, if the aphid colony is already large, the leaves of infected plants are twisted and pest them in securely hidden. That is why it is important timely, early treatment of the aphids.

A tree or Bush can be an effective spray designed to destroy aphids chemical. Good, for example, the drug "Aktara". But still preferable to use other methods of dealing with aphids, more gentle. Although they are not as drastic, will take more time, but the damage to the garden is minimal.

The easiest way of dealing with aphids – mechanical. Insects just need to remove from plants by hand. You can also rinse them with a strong jet from a garden hose.

Quite well work folk remedy for aphids. This, for example, already mentioned above, soap solution. Still can finely chop removed by pinching the leaves of the tomato, pour water on them at night and soak in warm water. Spray the plants should be thoroughly, not forgetting the reverse side of leaves.

A great helper in the fight against aphids is wood ash. Pour 300 grams of boiling water, night to insist, add grated on a grater soap and spray the tree or Bush, where he settled a colony of aphids.

Another effective remedy for aphids – an infusion or a decoction of tobacco. It is also necessary to pour hot water, to insist and treat diseased plants.

There are also biological methods of combating aphids. It is eaten by birds, so you need to hang the section of birdhouses. Also the natural enemy of aphids – ladybugs. Their individual competitors you can buy on specialized sites and then release in the garden. And easier everywhere to plant out herbs, nasturtium, mallow and other plants that attract beneficial insects.