Insects and plants to fight aphids

In the garden give your plants those insects that destroy aphids. In this case, you will help ladybugs. Plant around fruit trees and bushes of spicy greens (dill, parsley, coriander). While the greenery is growing, it will deter the aphids from the bottom branches with the fruits, though she will be pretty frail. But in winter, its drooping stalks find refuge ladybugs that spring will greatly reduce the number of aphids on the site.

Follow the number of garden ants in the garden. They feed on the sweet nectar that the aphids produce, so take care of them and breed the colony. To help control the population of garden ants, water them a sprawling family with boiling water. Limit the access of ants to the garden plants with the help of sticky tapes or grooves lined with polyethylene and filled with water.

As for the room, and some garden plants suitable way that place near the targeted herbs scented geraniums. Aphids do not tolerate the neighborhood with this flower.

Natural compounds for getting rid of aphids

For processing plants dissolve 50 g of soap in 2 litres of hot water. Cooled the obtained compound and cotton pads to thoroughly wash your plants. Five days later repeat the whole procedure.

To combat aphids on the dacha prepare of tobacco infusion for spraying plants. Pour in a bucket of 600 grams of tobacco 10 liters of hot water, cover with a lid and leave to infuse for a couple of days. Then strain and add another 10 litres of water with dissolved in it a small piece of soap or 2 tbsp of washing powder. The soap component in the solution is needed, the composition does not immediately washed off from leaves.

Stir in the bucket kilogram of ash and 8 liters of boiling water. Leave to infuse for two days, then strain and bring the remaining liquid volume up to 10 liters of settled water. Sprinkle garden or house plants the resulting composition.

Prepare a decoction of the tops of the tomatoes. Pour water over four pounds of chopped fresh leaves and steep for three hours. Then place the container on the fire and boil for 20 minutes. Strain and dilute the resulting broth two times with water containing a small piece of soap.

Enter bucket full of wormwood, celandine, leaves of tomatoes, garlic arrows and firmly tamp. Cover with water. Leave for two days under the hood. In another bucket mix the ashes in water in proportion 1:10. Then filter both solutions and mix them, adding washing powder or soap. Spray the resulting composition of your plants every week all season.

Chemical compositions for the destruction of aphids

Chemicals destroy not only harmful but also beneficial insects, so continue to use them, when other methods do not help. For indoor plants you can use Graverton" and "Fitoverm". Garden plants before budding process "INTA-veer", "fury", and in the summer they alternate with a "Spark" and "Commander". The proportions and methods of use of these drugs, examine the instructions on the packaging.