Advice 1: How to destroy aphids

Aphids are small insects green color. It is striking indoor flowers and plants and trees in the garden plots. Aphids going in groups on the reverse side of the leaves or fresh shoots, oblizyvaet buds and sucking the juice. Plants wither and may die.
How to destroy aphids
You will need
  • The destruction of aphids on houseplants
  • - soap (100 g)
  • - water (10 l)
  • liquid for washing dishes (100 ml)
  • - the basin
  • - sponge
  • - chamomile (1 tbsp)
  • - tansy (1 tbsp)
  • - thermos
  • The destruction of aphids on the dacha
  • - soap or liquid soap (100g)
  • - water (10 l)
  • - wood ash (200 g)
  • - tobacco dust (40 g)
The destruction of aphids on houseplants.
Inspection of plants.

Carefully inspect all your house plants. If you find curled leaves or a sticky residue as well as a group of these insects, as soon as possible start processing.
The solution of soap.

Pour warm water into the basin. Astrogate or grate the soap. Make a strong soap solution. Bring your plants to the bathroom one at a time. Place them on a grate or in the bath. Rinse thoroughly with a sponge dampened in a solution of soap, all the stalks and leaves. Apply with a sponge and soap windowsills and flower stand.
Tincture of chamomile or tansy.

Fill the thermos with boiling water dry chamomile or tansy. Allow to stand for. Cool and strain. Pour the solution into the sprayer or pour in a bowl. Wipe all the plants with a sponge dipped in the solution. Then several times a day, spray the flowers until complete disappearance of the aphid.
A soapy solution of liquid dishwashing.

Whisk in a bowl with water liquid for washing dishes. Obtained the soapy water, apply on the flowers with a sponge or rag. After treatment, the plants do not need to rinse in clean water.
The destruction of aphids on the dacha.
Tobacco dust.

Brew tobacco dust in a thermos or in a one-liter jar. Allow to stand for two days. Strain. Dilute two times and spray all the plants in the garden.
Soap with ash to the bushes and trees.

Take from the fire pits of wood ash and pour it in a bucket. Add liquid or soap. Stir well. Treat the solution with a sponge and all the twigs and leaves of trees, which are able to reach. The lower flexible coils can be dipped in the bucket. And the tops of the trees, pour from the dispenser.
Indoor and garden plants can be treated with pesticides, but do it only in a pinch. At first, traditional methods.
Useful advice
Planted in flower beds parsley. Aphids can not stand her smell. Lure on the suburban area of predators for the destruction of aphids. Flower girls can lure calendula and chamomile and ladybugs love yarrow.

Advice 2 : How to withdraw aphids

In the struggle with the invasion of aphids usually use chemicals, but they can cause harm to trees and other garden dwellers. Therefore, growers often stop the choice on the popular media, and seasoned gardeners successfully bring aphidsusing improvised raw materials.
How to withdraw aphids
You will need
  • - celandine
  • - the leaves of tomatoes
  • - potato vines
  • - tobacco or tobacco
  • - garlic
The course is potato leaves, peppers and onions, chamomile, sorrel, dandelion, tobacco and many other plants, which for some reason do not like these insects.
Celandine is a natural enemy of aphids, on its basis it is possible to cook simple and affordable tool that helps you quickly and easily cope with the invasion of harmful insects. For a solution take a few finely chopped plants, add 15 g of Laundry soap and pour the mass in a bucket of warm water. After infusion, dip it in the top shoots of plum, cherry, currant and other trees of the aphids will be gone.
A good remedy for aphids is the infusion of tomato leaves. The tops of the tomatoes (600 g) finely chopped, pour a bucket of water and boil for half an hour. The solution is diluted with water at a ratio of one Cup of money per liter of water and spray the plants affected by aphids. This infusion can be prepared from potatoes in the ratio of 2 kg of the leaves in ten litres of warm water.
The infusion of tobacco helps you quickly and painlessly to cope with the invasion of pests. In 1 l of water is needed to dissolve 150 g of tobacco and boil for an hour. Strained decoction to dissolve a bucket of water and spray affected areas of plants.
Aphids will not even come close to the trees, if you fertilize the soil with wood ash. This should be done in spring or autumn, sufficient for 1-2 buckets of ash. To enhance the effect of this method once or twice over the summer early morning or evening opalite trees ash.
Aphids do not like garlic, but it is impossible not to use it. In one liter of water dissolve 150 g of garlic and leave for up to five days. Infusion dilute with ten liters of water and spray affected areas of plants. Applying folk remedies, most importantly, do not be late with the first spring treatment of plants and to get ahead of the mass population of the colonies of aphids. Do not use the same tool for a long time, avoid getting used, they need to be alternated.

Advice 3 : How to deal with black aphids

The aphid is not only green, if you see small dark grey or greenish-brown insects on the leaves and stems in your garden and in the beds, you know, what is the black aphids. It can be of different types, for example, have snowball aphid. Or black cherry. They are very harmful to plants, so it is necessary to struggle with black aphids.
How to deal with black aphids
You will need
  • - tobacco dust;
  • - ash;
  • - clay;
  • - lime;
  • - a solution of detergent or soap.
Black aphids, as well as green, very afraid pollination clean ash or mixed with tobacco dust. So try small bushes to handle such a composition. But the trees get rid of black aphids this method is difficult, because they are high.
To deal with the black aphids on cherry, viburnum and plums. Pour a few times at the root of soapy water after washing. It could even be water with detergent. After a few days the aphids will leave. She certainly won't like the juice treated trees.
To black or green aphids did not appear in summer on plants in the garden, spend prevention. This is a mandatory whitewashing of tree trunks with solution of lime and clay. Take 10 l of water 2-3 kg clay and 1 kg slaked lime. Good help hunting belt on the trunks of garden trees. They can be purchased in a special store for gardeners. During irrigation of the trees let the spray directly into the crown, the water will wash off of the harmful insects.
Do not use chemicals, you will also destroy beneficial insects such as ladybugs that destroy aphids. Therefore, it is better to deal with black aphids without chemicals.
Useful advice
Destroy ant hills in the garden, as the ants contribute to the emergence of aphids. Because they feed on sweet secretions from them.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of aphids on house plants without chemicals

Aphid is a common pest of houseplants. Most often it affects juicy, "tasty" plants, prefers young leaves, shoots and buds. Live in large colonies, causing significant damage to the plant.
Absolutely incomprehensible way these insects infest on your favorite home colors. One has only to clean the plants from this pest, as just a couple of days they appear in the same place, in the same amounts. This is understandable - aphid reproduces rapidly, one species lays up to 25 larvae per day.
Apply pesticides in the home is not very desirable. Meanwhile, there are simple, organic ways of dealing with these pesky insects.
How to get rid of aphids on house plants without chemicals
If aphids a bit, you will just need a regular wash plants. But in advanced cases it does not help.
Here are some recipes organic solutions for spraying. In each solution, it is desirable to add soap at the rate of 3 g per 1 liter. Spray the plant and soil daily for two weeks. This time should be enough for the vermin.

1. Aphids afraid of onions. Raw onions about 30 grams to grind and infuse one liter of water during the day.

2. A decoction of yarrow is another effective tool. To prepare you need to take 100 grams of dry herb tasyacelistnika, pour one liter of boiling water. Insist during the day.

3. Garlic. 30 g of raw unpeeled garlic minced, pour a liter of water at room temperature. Infuse for about one day.

4. If you have at hand celandine, you can successfully use it to combat aphids. You need to take 300 grams of crude herb, or 100 grams of dry, pour one liter of boiling water. To insist night.

5. Onion peel. 50 grams of peel per liter of hot water. Infuse for 1-2 days.

6. If you have the opportunity to collect fresh nettles, you can use this tool. To make an infusion at the rate of 100 grams of raw herb per liter of hot water. Spray fresh infusion.

7. Red hot chilli pepper - potent agent. 50 grams crushed red pepper pour boiling water in an amount of 0.5 liter, insist night, drain.

8. Soap and alcohol mixture. One tablespoon of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent to combine with one teaspoon of ethanol. Or you can replace the alcohol with two tablespoons vodka. Add one liter of water. After spraying after 15 minutes tender plants are recommended to be washed with water so as not to burn the leaves.

Advice 5 : How to rid aphids from Prunus

Cherry is a popular plant because it is unpretentious in care, and from its fruits you can cook a delicious jam, which is added to various cakes. However, they still need to grow, and to interfere with the aphids, but can get rid of it.
How to rid aphids from Prunus
The garden aphid is common, and it is rather offensive. This pest sucks SAP from flowers, young leaves and shoots. Moreover, he can carry viral infections that often cause gall formation on the leaves, and this seriously weakens the plant. After the invasion of aphids, the leaves curl and turn yellow. The highlight of this pest pollute their surface that disrupts the normal activity of the wild cherry and may even lead to her death.

Folk remedies

To get rid of black cherry aphids from, you should use the people's recipes. So, for 10 l of water we need to take 250 g of tobacco dust, wood ash, add 10 g of liquid soap and mustard. After that, all you will need to fill in 3 liters of hot water and stir well. Weight should be over a night. Then she added another 7 liters of water, all mixed, is filtered and can carry out spraying. It is very important to pay special attention to the underside of the leaf. This treatment is repeated after 7 days.

From aphids on cherries can be cured with the help of infusions of nettle, tansy, wormwood, onion, pepper, potato leaves. They need to spray the plant every 3 days. It is also recommended to hang near bird feeders for the birds. As they are the main enemies of the aphids, this measure will be enough to get rid of pests. It should also be close to cherry to plant lavender and thyme. These plants deter aphids. You can also plant nasturtium, it draws her to him. In the end, to fight pests will be much easier.


To combat aphids, you can use chemicals. That's the only difference from the people, they are not always safe. It is very important to adhere strictly to the dosage and spray a cherry tree according to the instructions, then the damage will be less. For getting rid of aphids will fit the following drugs: "sparkle", "Aktara", "INTA-VIR".

Preventive measures

So the plant is not sick, should take preventive measures through which aphids will not start on the cherry. So, the tree should be sprayed with vegetable decoctions and infusions. Good coping with the problem is a weak solution of soap, which is recommended to be added to the broth. Also it should add a little vegetable oil. Water and soap is an oily solution contains natural insecticides, because of him, when sprayed, creates a thin film on parts of the plants. She after some time washed away by the rain, therefore harm will not be. The treatment is expedient to do several times at intervals of 2-3 days.

Advice 6 : What plant is afraid of aphids

Such a pest for plants as aphids are familiar, perhaps, to every grower. To get rid of small Lepidoptera without chemicals is difficult, but many gardeners use as repellent agents is very common plants.
What plant is afraid of aphids
Aphid - a small insect that can spread rapidly, causing a variety of damage to leaves and stems. It feeds on plant juice, as a result, garden plots, planted with beautiful flowers, come to the aesthetic of poverty, and sometimes aphid strikes such serious viruses that the plants simply can not cope with them and die.
To prevent the appearance of aphids will help planting in the garden of umbelliferous plants. For example, carrots, parsley, dill, and many others which will attract these two-winged insects, like the hover – ardent devourers of aphids. A very good way to put in the garden flower pots filled with wood shavings – there, most likely, will live earwigs (in the parlance of dvukhvostka) – loves to eat aphids.
One of trusted medicines, against garden pests, is a decoction of wormwood, just brew into a two-gallon bucket of hot water an armful of Mature sagebrush (different yellow inflorescences), cool. This decoction is necessary to periodically water and spray garden. Wormwood is a reliable way of dealing with existing aphids and in preventing its occurrence in the future.
Effective against aphids a decoction of chamomile: steep for 6 sachet (or 3 tablespoons) in 1 litre of water. This broth must be periodically sprayed places where pests, because they usually settle their slots, and are clearly visible in the early morning, when out to feed. But the Daisy did not deter aphids, on the contrary, the wild flower, the insect often settles, taking up space on the stem from the root to the Bud.
Effective lavender planted in the garden near the roses. This plant has the amazing ability to deter aphids are green, so lovely roses will remain safe and sound.
Many suggest to put around the cherry tree, the nasturtium, as it will serve as a distracting target for the black aphids. Especially nasturtiums to win aphids is not difficult. In the battle with the black aphids will help and thyme planted near bean plants.
Banish pests with a garden watering can special decoction of nettles. You can brew and green and the plant is already dried, the volume of water and grass 3:1. Periodic watering this decoction will help to get rid of aphids in a couple of days.
In any case, it is not recommended to abuse of various kinds of chemicals in the fight against aphids, as they will harm the insect lovers aphids: the earwigs, gorzalka, the ladybirds, and some others. So the best option in the battle with garden pests is planting the right plants that can most safely for your garden to handle the aphids.
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