The red currant is hosting krasnogorova aphids, and black gooseberry raspberry cane aphid, but in any case it is a pest that can destroy the shrub. Destroy aphids on currants, you can use gloves or green soap. It can be cut into chips and cover with water - let the soap dissolve. In a bucket of water take a glass of this thick liquid, stir and sprinkle the bushes with a broom. You can even add a Cup of ash. In this case, her first brew day, then add soap and use against aphids. A good remedy against aphids on currants - is spraying with an infusion of tobacco dust and ash. In a bucket of water to take 400 g. Insist at least a day and treated the bushes. To deal with aphids, you can onion skin, it is filled with boiling water and insist. In a bucket of water requires 200 g of onion peel. Or pour boiling water 200 g of dandelion root, allow to steep and pour the leaves and stems of currants. Make this mixture. In a bucket of water put 200 g of tobacco or tobacco dust, finely cut 30-50 grams of red hot peppers. Let stand a day, then add 1-2 tbsp of liquid soap and a Cup of ash. Sprinkle currants in the evening, the next morning, the aphids will be gone. Effective to help fight aphids on currant chemicals that are always in stores, but it would have been better to use traditional methods.