You will need
  • - celandine
  • - the leaves of tomatoes
  • - potato vines
  • - tobacco or tobacco
  • - garlic
The course is potato leaves, peppers and onions, chamomile, sorrel, dandelion, tobacco and many other plants, which for some reason do not like these insects.
Celandine is a natural enemy of aphids, on its basis it is possible to cook simple and affordable tool that helps you quickly and easily cope with the invasion of harmful insects. For a solution take a few finely chopped plants, add 15 g of Laundry soap and pour the mass in a bucket of warm water. After infusion, dip it in the top shoots of plum, cherry, currant and other trees of the aphids will be gone.
A good remedy for aphids is the infusion of tomato leaves. The tops of the tomatoes (600 g) finely chopped, pour a bucket of water and boil for half an hour. The solution is diluted with water at a ratio of one Cup of money per liter of water and spray the plants affected by aphids. This infusion can be prepared from potatoes in the ratio of 2 kg of the leaves in ten litres of warm water.
The infusion of tobacco helps you quickly and painlessly to cope with the invasion of pests. In 1 l of water is needed to dissolve 150 g of tobacco and boil for an hour. Strained decoction to dissolve a bucket of water and spray affected areas of plants.
Aphids will not even come close to the trees, if you fertilize the soil with wood ash. This should be done in spring or autumn, sufficient for 1-2 buckets of ash. To enhance the effect of this method once or twice over the summer early morning or evening opalite trees ash.
Aphids do not like garlic, but it is impossible not to use it. In one liter of water dissolve 150 g of garlic and leave for up to five days. Infusion dilute with ten liters of water and spray affected areas of plants. Applying folk remedies, most importantly, do not be late with the first spring treatment of plants and to get ahead of the mass population of the colonies of aphids. Do not use the same tool for a long time, avoid getting used, they need to be alternated.