Aphid - a small insect that can spread rapidly, causing a variety of damage to leaves and stems. It feeds on plant juice, as a result, garden plots, planted with beautiful flowers, come to the aesthetic of poverty, and sometimes aphid strikes such serious viruses that the plants simply can not cope with them and die.
To prevent the appearance of aphids will help planting in the garden of umbelliferous plants. For example, carrots, parsley, dill, and many others which will attract these two-winged insects, like the hover – ardent devourers of aphids. A very good way to put in the garden flower pots filled with wood shavings – there, most likely, will live earwigs (in the parlance of dvukhvostka) – loves to eat aphids.
One of trusted medicines, against garden pests, is a decoction of wormwood, just brew into a two-gallon bucket of hot water an armful of Mature sagebrush (different yellow inflorescences), cool. This decoction is necessary to periodically water and spray garden. Wormwood is a reliable way of dealing with existing aphids and in preventing its occurrence in the future.
Effective against aphids a decoction of chamomile: steep for 6 sachet (or 3 tablespoons) in 1 litre of water. This broth must be periodically sprayed places where pests, because they usually settle their slots, and are clearly visible in the early morning, when out to feed. But the Daisy did not deter aphids, on the contrary, the wild flower, the insect often settles, taking up space on the stem from the root to the Bud.
Effective lavender planted in the garden near the roses. This plant has the amazing ability to deter aphids are green, so lovely roses will remain safe and sound.
Many suggest to put around the cherry tree, the nasturtium, as it will serve as a distracting target for the black aphids. Especially nasturtiums to win aphids is not difficult. In the battle with the black aphids will help and thyme planted near bean plants.
Banish pests with a garden watering can special decoction of nettles. You can brew and green and the plant is already dried, the volume of water and grass 3:1. Periodic watering this decoction will help to get rid of aphids in a couple of days.
In any case, it is not recommended to abuse of various kinds of chemicals in the fight against aphids, as they will harm the insect lovers aphids: the earwigs, gorzalka, the ladybirds, and some others. So the best option in the battle with garden pests is planting the right plants that can most safely for your garden to handle the aphids.