Rate yourself as a personality of a Mature person – think about whether you need all the errors and frustration associated with the affair with a married man. As a rule, men keeping mistresses outside of marriage, master them, and you risk to become dependent on a lover, while not getting anything in return – in the first place in a man's life will always be his wife.
If you are Dating a married man, think why you started this relationship. Perhaps you have a hidden desire to recapture a Mature and wealthy man with a wife, or maybe you just want thrills. In any case, love for a married man keeps for you a lot more minuses than pluses.
Constant compliments and gifts a married man can attract the woman who loves you, but they're no substitute for really serious relations which in this situation is impossible by definition. The only possibility to create those in a serious relationship is to break marriage men in favor of marrying you, but, as a rule, such decisions are not made, and the woman remains alone, living on the rights of the mistress.
All this speaks in favor of the termination of the relationship with a married man – even if you find it hard to interrupt the usual communication, it is necessary to do to gain freedom and start a new life. Be aware of what's around you – hundreds of free and worthy men, which can be much more reliable and smarter than your married partner, and each of which may be your pair.
Realize own value, love yourself, take care of your appearance, make you proud of yourself and damn the consequences. That's why you won't let a married man take advantage of you when he tired of his own wife. Relationship with a married man is humiliating for the women – convince yourself that you are not worthy of such a position, and begin to live a new life, find new friends, do things you love and meet new men.
Learn how to spend free time – take a favorite hobby that you abandoned a few years ago, go to travel, climb the career ladder. Don't go off the chosen path and do not cancel their decision – soon your life will change and you will get rid of the nasty addiction.