To give your gift in a social network "Classmates", you must register there by filling in a special form of the website all the necessary data and specifying number of the mobile phone. On the page under your name will display all sections with which you can work.

Go to "Gifts" in the gray column on the left, select "My gifts" - "Created." Since you have not yet created neither a gift, the system will prompt you to do it in the form of a bright orange link "Make a gift".

A virtual gift is a beautiful picture, so the second step will be selecting a photo. You can choose photos from your albums on the page, or to download new (the button to the left of "Upload a photo").

The system will prompt you to select files from folders on your computer. Advance download on computer images of the corresponding subject. For example, cute kittens for a romantic gift or pictures with hilarious captions. However, note that, according to the site rules, you cannot use famous logos, photos stars, photos offensive or pornographic.

For convenience, create gift center, put up your picture and the selected picture in right corner for her, so you can estimate how it will look on a gift recipient's photo. In order that the picture is a gift impressive looking, select a suitable frame: the square, in the form of waves or a heart.

To the picture you can pick up a short text. For example: "I Love you" or "hi Lovi!" Select the color and size of letters. To adjust the text position, you can use the corners "up" and "down" (located to the right of your photo).

If text and image meet your expectations – feel free to press the green button "Gift ready". Your gift will be saved in the folder "Created". To give it, click on "send" and select the recipient.

Remember that the service delivery of gifts paid. The value of your gift – 35 OK 1 OK= 1 RUR, provided that you fill up using the card or the terminal).

To remove the gift from you created by hovering on it with the mouse and pressing the cross that appears in the upper right corner.