You will need
  • cell phone;
  • - Bank card;
  • - the funds on the card;
  • - online money.
Open in any browser the page of social network "Odnoklassniki". If you are logged in, enter in the appropriate line of your email and account password. In the window that opens, look under your photo a place to "Deposit".
OK is a kind of currency of social networks "Classmates". The rate of exchange of rubles for OK are different, it depends on the method and source of the transfer. Click once with the mouse on the line "add account". Your browser will open a separate window where on the left there are 4 tabs: "payment", "Using phone", "Terminal", "Electronic money".
If you have a valid credit card and you wish to transfer funds from her social network "Classmates", select the tab "Bank card" and click it once. In the form that appears you need to enter your Bank card number, expiration date and code on the back of the card (3 digits). If you intend to pay this card regularly, it makes sense to avoid the introduction each time. Select the checkbox next to the words "Remember this card". The conversion rate will be 50 OK 50 rubles.
If you want to transfer money from phone account, select the "Via phone". Enter the phone number, you will receive a confirmation code. After entering the code from your mobile phone account will be debited the money at the following rate: 30 OK will cost you 50 rubles, 50 is OK with you will write off 84,67 rubles, and 100 OK will cost 186,26 rubles.
At the rate of 50 OK 50 rubles, you can exchange money for currency of social networks "Classmates" through the terminals. They should choose "Classmates" and specify your e-mail address.
Also, selecting the tab "E-money", you can translate in a social network "Schoolmates" money from your electronic purse Webmoney "QIWI Wallet", Xsolla, PayPal at the rate of 50 OK 50 roubles from a purse at – 50 OK for 45 rubles.