You will need
  • account in the "Classmates";
  • - connected to the service "Pay-emoticons";
  • application "Cards".
To add a picture to the page of another user, either free or for a fee.
So, to send the image created from paid emoticons, to begin with pay for this service. It can be ordered through SMS, the cost of which will vary depending on the operator. Keep in mind, access to paid emoticons will be limited, at the end of the allotted time for them to pay again.
To use the service, go to classmates and click on the icon "Write message". In the opened menu, find the option "more smileys", now choose any one of them and compose your composition.
If you do not want to spend the money, take the opportunity to send free pictures. Of free emoticons, too, can be the original image, but such images are less colorful. Use another option - draw pictures using simple symbols, for example, letters, numerals, punctuation marks.
Please note, in social network "Odnoklassniki", you can send a picture using the free app. On the page find the section "Applications" - he is third from the top. Select the appropriate greeting card and send pictures to users.
Click on the button with the selected application and wait for it to load. A suitable image can be found in the appropriate subject categories. Headings in any of the applications set, just hover over any of them and then click the left mouse button. Keep in mind, the selected picture opens in full size.
Next you will see a list of friends from which you can choose one or a few people. Then his name is highlighted, and below the line where you can enter the message to add a background frame. Send a picture to a recipient by pressing the "OK"button.