The parents, being in expectation of a miracle, I want to know in advance not only the gender of the child, but also other details. Many parents wonder what is the hair color of the future child. It is theoretically easy to figure out in line with existing laws of genetics. To determine the color of baby's hair, do not need to take any tests.

That affects the hair color of the unborn child?

It is clear that the hair color of the unborn child influenced by the genes of both parents but one parent in these genes are dominant (stronger) and the other recessive (weak). The factor of dominance or recessivity you can define yourself. People with dominant genes of brown or green eye color, the presence of pigmentation on the skin, curly hair. People with recessive genes, usually negative RH factor, perfectly straight hair, the absence of any pigmentation on the skin, poor blood clotting. So if the father's dominant genes, so the child is likely to inherit his hair colour. It so happens that my father and mother have dominant or recessive genes, then the result is undefined. The child can inherit the hair color of a distant relative with the strong dominant genes.

It should be noted that the color of the child during the first five years of life can change, not once. Very often the baby is born with sparse dark hair. It happens that the genetic dominance of the parents plays no role in the formation of the hair color of the future baby. Hair color depends on how much the child at the time of birth of the melanin pigment. Of course, on the amount of melanin is influenced by genes, but also influence the endocrine system of the baby. Hair color also responds to the hormones formed by the time of birth.

Can change hair color?

Typically, the first hairs (fluff) the baby gradually falls a few months after birth, and then start to grow hair the color that match formed the genotype of the child. It also happens that even in adolescence, the person has changed their hair color. It is affected by hormonal changes and puberty.

Based on the foregoing, it can be noted that the hair color of the child influence how the genes of the parents, and the formation of a hormonal background at the time of birth. Some parents know which hair color is most likely a baby, if, for example, at grandma's, dad's and uncle's hair black or red.