Advice 1: At what age can a girl start wearing makeup

Girls can't wait to look older than their years, so some of them start using cosmetics at an early age. However, it is rare when parents encourage a girl of 10-11 years in her quest to put eyelashes and lips. And rightly so, because the age when makeup no longer looks ridiculous on a teenager, comes much later.
At what age can a girl start wearing makeup
Interest in the cosmetics comes to most girls, albeit in different ages. Some of them are already 4-5 years are starting to ask mom to put them, and some up to 15 of such interest did not show. However, the fact that in early childhood it was so interesting and unusual, to the age a youth must go to the level of skills. And because most role of mother is to tell my daughter, when should you start to use makeup and teach her that a serious case.

To determine the correct age

Start to wear make-up should gradually. If the girl can't wait to have my own lipstick, at an early age she had to buy hygienic lipstick with a fruity odor. In 12-13 years you can purchase daughter's lip gloss, and 15-16 to teach how to use shadows and mascara. To use blush, Foundation, powder, eyeliner and pencils better about 17-18 years. This principle of gradual Dating girls with makeup and decorative cosmetics will help, on the one hand, to satisfy her interest and desire to use makeup, and on the other will teach how to apply the makeup. After all, this skill does not come by itself, but it is very important that the girl knew how to paint, know the boundaries of reason and not out on the street painted. To promote a culture of literate makeup underline the natural beauty is very important task for mother.

Learn to care for themselves

We must remember also that only one makeup will not give a girl the concept of a beautiful and healthy skin and do not teach her beauty. After all, the beauty of the female person is best seen after complex of measures for proper care. And because at the same time with the ability to paint the girl needs to learn how to care for your skin: cleansing, moisturizing and toning it, to hide imperfections, to protect from the harmful effects of the environment and radiation. Only with complex care means you can teach a girl to truly love, appreciate and cherish your beauty. And these lessons have nothing to do with simple makeup without any control and care of the mother.

Choose a nice cosmetics

It also matter what cosmetic uses young girl. In any case can not allow inexperienced girl to buy cosmetics themselves or to allocate it sufficient funds. The big mistake is to allow be applied on young skin cheap cosmetics suspicious quality, which are sold in any transition or markets. It has the detrimental impact on the appearance of the girls, which so persistently warn the parents, forbidding the child to paint. These creams, lipstick, mascara and eye shadow, the skin becomes worse, wrinkles and Allergy, hair fall out. Buy only high-quality cosmetics for a child, then she will beautify and protect her from the harmful effects of the environment.

Advice 2: As a 13 years old look like 18

Teenagers often tend to hurry to grow up, or at least look older. Someone wants to be like the boy or the girls of the senior classes, someone hopes to feel more confident.
As a 13 years old look like 18
If you are 13 and you certainly want to look older, try first of all to preserve the naturalness. Avoid saturated and bright makeup. Oddly enough, a passion for cosmetics are more likely to experience a young girl and the older girl already treat it more calmly. It should be borne in mind that the excess of makeup on another child's face can not so much to do visually over how much to give a person absurd and ridiculous. This immediately gives girls the desire to appear older, while internally it still can't match this.
If you want to use cosmetic products it is better to consult with your mom or big sister that they taught to correctly apply a light natural makeup. You should not use the creams and powder young skin looks great without them, in addition, such products can clog the pores and in the end you'll actually look older ,but due to the tired skin.
A good option is to engage in any sport or simply perform regular exercise. - Developed body and high muscle tone do older visually in the best sense of the word. This applies to both girls and boys. The latter can literally be transformed through sport, however, it is not necessary at an early age to get involved with weight lifting and fanatically to build muscle, because it can negatively affect the developing human organism and slow growth. Gymnastics, yoga, dancing will help the girl feel more graceful and confident.
Some makes visually over dark hair. It is certainly not an occasion from his youth to spoil my hair with chemical colors, but if you want you can paint it with a mixture of henna and Basma, picking them in the correct proportions. These natural dyes are on your hair more soft and even accelerate the growth, but the hair needs more moisture.
Girls can do yourself hairstyles instead of the usual tails. It can be complicated braids, buns. Model haircut, made a competent hairdresser will also help you to look more stylish.
Look older it is possible if often to wear instead of jeans and t-shirts garment in a classic style shirts, blouses, skirts, modest dresses, trousers, coats. The high heels girls wear is not required.
In fact, young in appearance there is nothing wrong. And if teenagers want to speed up the time to grow up and soon become independent, adults, conversely, often want to look younger. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate its youthful appearance, and grow you will always have time. And to keep youth and beauty for years to come, you should not start Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, imitating friends and thinking thus it is possible to seem older.

Advice 3: At what age you can start to dye your hair

Girls first thoughts about coloring your hair usually appear during adolescence, but mom and teachers often oppose such cosmetic procedures until at least 16 years
At what age you can start to dye your hair

Why you should not dye your hair up to 16 years

When you put on makeup, decides not only the young fashionista, but also its environment, and in particular parents and teachers. Parents are usually opposed to worrying about the health of the hair. Indeed, even the most gentle of paint have a negative impact on the hair, but the girl has a whole life ahead. Teachers often worry about the morality of their charges: girl with dyed hair often look older than their age, and inevitably attract the attention of the opposite sex. Given that 16 years old girls still do not understand men, bright appearance can play in truth a cruel joke. The disapproval of the teachers because they rightly believe that teenage girls need to think more about learning and not about regular touch up root touch-up.

Many adults of the girls started wearing makeup too early, later strongly regretted and spent a lot of effort to return to its natural color. Only here the initial density and the health of the hair back is not always possible, and even expensive cosmetic procedures sometimes do not give the desired effect.

How to choose a color for the first painting

If you do decide to dye your hair, and you have it for the first time, be careful when choosing colors. Remember to darken the hair is always easier than to lighten, so choosing between the colors, it is better to give preference to lighter. In General, the nature of each man was given the hair color, which is best, so you should not choose a shade that is different from the natural. Painted the hair in a color close to natural, you'll rarely touch up the roots, they don't stand out and spoil the appearance. During the first experiments with hair it is better to avoid red and red shades. First, they are not suitable. Secondly, to get rid of them very difficult. If you haven't decided on the color, do not rush to buy the paint, take shampoo. It harms the hair much less and completely washed in a week.

When buying paint no need to save. Cheap means it does not contain any protective substances. Even after a single application of this product the condition of the hair deteriorates significantly. Better if the hair coloring is carried out in a Barber shop or beauty salon. An experienced master will help you choose the right shade and apply paint evenly. So you will achieve the best result.
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