Interest in the cosmetics comes to most girls, albeit in different ages. Some of them are already 4-5 years are starting to ask mom to put them, and some up to 15 of such interest did not show. However, the fact that in early childhood it was so interesting and unusual, to the age a youth must go to the level of skills. And because most role of mother is to tell my daughter, when should you start to use makeup and teach her that a serious case.

To determine the correct age

Start to wear make-up should gradually. If the girl can't wait to have my own lipstick, at an early age she had to buy hygienic lipstick with a fruity odor. In 12-13 years you can purchase daughter's lip gloss, and 15-16 to teach how to use shadows and mascara. To use blush, Foundation, powder, eyeliner and pencils better about 17-18 years. This principle of gradual Dating girls with makeup and decorative cosmetics will help, on the one hand, to satisfy her interest and desire to use makeup, and on the other will teach how to apply the makeup. After all, this skill does not come by itself, but it is very important that the girl knew how to paint, know the boundaries of reason and not out on the street painted. To promote a culture of literate makeup underline the natural beauty is very important task for mother.

Learn to care for themselves

We must remember also that only one makeup will not give a girl the concept of a beautiful and healthy skin and do not teach her beauty. After all, the beauty of the female person is best seen after complex of measures for proper care. And because at the same time with the ability to paint the girl needs to learn how to care for your skin: cleansing, moisturizing and toning it, to hide imperfections, to protect from the harmful effects of the environment and radiation. Only with complex care means you can teach a girl to truly love, appreciate and cherish your beauty. And these lessons have nothing to do with simple makeup without any control and care of the mother.

Choose a nice cosmetics

It also matter what cosmetic uses young girl. In any case can not allow inexperienced girl to buy cosmetics themselves or to allocate it sufficient funds. The big mistake is to allow be applied on young skin cheap cosmetics suspicious quality, which are sold in any transition or markets. It has the detrimental impact on the appearance of the girls, which so persistently warn the parents, forbidding the child to paint. These creams, lipstick, mascara and eye shadow, the skin becomes worse, wrinkles and Allergy, hair fall out. Buy only high-quality cosmetics for a child, then she will beautify and protect her from the harmful effects of the environment.