The sex of the baby depends entirely on the father. This issue plays a major role, what kind of sperm fertilizes the egg. X-chromosome, programming the birth of girls, the same as the Y chromosome involved in the birth of boys. In fact, boys are born slightly more than girls, because of their low disease resistance.
Trying to predict the color of the eyes, remember that the gene that is responsible for brown eyes is dominant. If one parent has blue eyes and the second brown is likely to win strong gene and the baby will be dark-eyed. However, if this rule does not admit exceptions, the entire population of the planet long ago became more or less monotonous. But nature, in advance, thinking through every detail, had ordered otherwise. It turns out that the owners of the dark eyes sometimes children are born blue-eyed. This is possible if at least someone from the family (even last generation) was a blue-eyed, green-eyed or gray-eyed.
Blond hair are recessive trait. When both parents are blond, the child inherits the same color. If dad or mom will give him a dominant gene of dark hair, the heir will have all the chances to adopt it. In principle, the merger of a parent shades of hair. With regard to the structure of the hair, then the child more likely to inherit the curls (or curly hair), of course, if this characteristic has any of the parents.
Inherited and dimple on the chin, and prominent auricle one of the parents. Scientists came to the opinion that large hooked nose also should be attributed to the dominant characteristics.
Most likely, the baby will inherit korotkoplodnyh, as well as a sixth finger, if they are endowed with one of the parents, of course.
As to the future growth of the child it is difficult to make predictions. As a rule, he stops at the arithmetic average between father's and mother's growth. But it is in terms of proper nutrition, and also depending on diseases. At the same time, if the kid has an enviable appetite, moves a lot, sleeps allotted time and eats right - it has all the chances to grow to their low parents.
In General, boys are much more similar to mom. This is because they inherit only one X chromosome, which is rich in genes and appearance. In girls the situation was different: they get an equal number of such genes from mom and from dad. Accordingly, a girl can like both parents with equal probability.