The color of the eyes — a charming and interesting topic, involving many researchers over several centuries, until, until science has helped to better understand the origin of colorand eyes, and most importantly — how it is inherited. When it comes to predicting the colorand eyes of the child, you can say one thing for sure: the baby will be born with blue eyesAMI. Almost always eyeand newborns have blue colorom, which can later darken as sunlight on him. About 3-4 years eyesand baby are usually formed and acquire their permanent colorthat remains for a lifetime, whether it is blue, amber, grey, green, Kareem or dark brown.
Inheritance of colorand the eyes perhaps from the point of view of science. There is an established opinion on what color eyes the baby inherited according to Mendel's laws. Therefore, under this law, the color of the eyes can be inherited in much the same way as color of hair: dark genes are the dominant colorand that is, distinctive features (phenotypes) encoded by them, will take superiority over the hallmarks, which are a lighter color.
It is likely that parents who have a dark colorom eye (brown), kids with dark eyesAMI. Accordingly, the offspring of parents with a bright colorof th eyewill also have light color eyes, and the baby's parents, the color of the eyes which is different, will have a color eyethat is more dominant. For example: dad - light green eyesand my mom blue, in this case, the child can eyesand to be blue at 60% and 40% of the green because the blue color is dominant. At the same time, the most common colorof th eye around the globe is brown and the rarest colorof th eye is green.