Hair color is determined by two pigment – melanin and pheomelanin. From their combinations and proportions will depend on the shade of hair of the person. Melanin has a dark and granular structure, and the molecules pheomelanin are distributed throughout the diffuse and give the hair red. Melanin colors hair in a dark color. The predominance pheomelanin observed in red people. But if the pigments are present in the hair in small amounts, the hair will be light gray or ashy. These pigments are produced by special cells melanocytes. The density of cells varies from hair to hair, so the individual hairs of one person always differ from each other in color that gives hair extra Shine and play shades. Artificial dyes to stain the hair evenly, the experienced eye can always tell dyed hair from natural.
But how to determine your hair type? It's very simple. Brunettes call people with my hair colour from dense black to dark brown. A step lighter brunettes - brown-haired, with a range of shades from light brown to dark brown. Blonde people have light brown hair. But it's very concerning. Sometimes dark brown is called light brown, and light blonde dark blonde.

Real blondes have a small amount of pigment in their hair that their hair can look ashy or even completely white. Talking about colors of hair, not to mention red color. The red hair people is dominated by granules pheomelanin. The red-haired gene is recessive, so the birth of a red-haired child in the family can become an absolute surprise for the parents of brunettes or blondes. Such parents want to advise you to flip through the old photo albums in search of a red-haired ancestor that immediately explain.
Modern cosmetic industry in a matter of minutes can radically change the color of your hair. But too carried away by the coloring still not worth it. Each such coloring procedure is a chemical attack aimed at the destruction of natural pigments, making your hair suffer in one way or another. There is nothing better than a beautiful, well kept, and most importantly - healthy hair. And color at the same time, in General, is secondary.