Advice 1: How to find out your hair color

Blonde, brunette, redhead. There is a perception that hair color determines personality. Blonde is cute, but a little frivolous, brunette smart, but arrogant, and with a redhead it is better not to have Affairs – crush temperament. And if you make the weave together with the coloring, will it affect the character?

Hair color is determined genetically
Hair color is determined by two pigment – melanin and pheomelanin. From their combinations and proportions will depend on the shade of hair of the person. Melanin has a dark and granular structure, and the molecules pheomelanin are distributed throughout the diffuse and give the hair red. Melanin colors hair in a dark color. The predominance pheomelanin observed in red people. But if the pigments are present in the hair in small amounts, the hair will be light gray or ashy. These pigments are produced by special cells melanocytes. The density of cells varies from hair to hair, so the individual hairs of one person always differ from each other in color that gives hair extra Shine and play shades. Artificial dyes to stain the hair evenly, the experienced eye can always tell dyed hair from natural.
But how to determine your hair type? It's very simple. Brunettes call people with my hair colour from dense black to dark brown. A step lighter brunettes - brown-haired, with a range of shades from light brown to dark brown. Blonde people have light brown hair. But it's very concerning. Sometimes dark brown is called light brown, and light blonde dark blonde.

Real blondes have a small amount of pigment in their hair that their hair can look ashy or even completely white. Talking about colors of hair, not to mention red color. The red hair people is dominated by granules pheomelanin. The red-haired gene is recessive, so the birth of a red-haired child in the family can become an absolute surprise for the parents of brunettes or blondes. Such parents want to advise you to flip through the old photo albums in search of a red-haired ancestor that immediately explain.
Modern cosmetic industry in a matter of minutes can radically change the color of your hair. But too carried away by the coloring still not worth it. Each such coloring procedure is a chemical attack aimed at the destruction of natural pigments, making your hair suffer in one way or another. There is nothing better than a beautiful, well kept, and most importantly - healthy hair. And color at the same time, in General, is secondary.

Advice 2: How do you know your type of character

Despite the fact that every person is unique and individual personality, psychologists have identified several major types of character, which more or less can manifest in different people. Knowing the type of your character, you can use its features for their own benefit, forming a suitable way of life and activity.
How do you know your type of character
To determine the type of character pass a simple test that will allow you to determine the right or left side of the body controls you in some situations. Gather the fingers to the castle and pay attention to the left or right thumb on top. If the top of the left thumb, then you tend to be emotional and if right – you have an analytical mind.
Take a pencil in his outstretched arm and move it to any point in space. Then turn zazhmurte eyes to determine which eye is leading, and when zamurovannye what eye target begins to move. If zamurovannye the left eye, the target shifts, you have a gentle nature, and if right – you have a solid and persevering nature.
Also try to cross hands on the chest. If the top most left hand turns than right, you are inclined to trickery, but if right – to beshitrosno. Then clap your hands, positioning her arms crossed. Determine which hand you prefer to clap. If left, it's hard to make decisions, and if you are right – you are persistent and determined person. Different combinations of results in this simple test allow to define the main features of your character.
In addition, in psychology highlighted the individual accentuation of the personality, or character, is strongly expressed in a particular person. Demonstrative type of character is characterized by a desire to stand out, the artistry, the desire to draw attention to themselves. These people tend to continuously change the scope of activities, they are not able to concentrate long enough on anything.
Pedantic type of character has too long thinking before making a decision. Such people are prone to increased accuracy, thoroughness, and seriousness. Excitable type of character is not governed by logic, but by feelings and instincts. Excitable people are very impulsive and cutting, and also prone to conflict. People with anxiety type character prone to self-doubt, fear and timidity, different unnatural behavior and self-criticism.
There is also hyperthymic type of character – people who have them, have increased the optimism and enthusiasm they experience a constant thirst for activity, often use the authority and have success in the team. The opposite of hyperthymic type is distimicescie type. These people tend to be pessimistic, they are being unduly pessimistic and not very emotional.
If a person often alternate gipertoniceski and distimicescie condition, it has a labile or cyclothymic type of character. Also there are exalted individuals who violently and emotionally react to all occurring events around them.
Not always these types of nature embodied in the pure form in one person, but you can explore the features of their behavior and to correlate it with the described types to determine what their characteristics are often found in your own character.

Advice 3: What kind of hair is called chestnut

The chestnut color is natural and soft. This is the color of caramel and chocolate, it's ripe tones of nuts and cocoa. And when talking about brown, it don't mean a specific tone, because brown color is rich in hues.
Chestnut hair color

Bright brown-haired women

It is clear that women with chestnut hair color don't so much catch the eye as "red beast", bright blondes or brunettes extravagant. But hair color chestnut have many shades and attract attention for its naturalness.

Brown palette is so varied that a woman of any complexion can pick out any shade from light brown to honey, from light ash brown to graphite, from chocolate to dark brown.

Undoubtedly, externally chestnut color seems neutral, however, when the choice of shades should be to eliminate the sharp contrasts between skin color and hair color. In addition, the natural shades of hair gained recently huge popularity. Therefore, the selection of shade is necessary to aspire to the naturalness and to take into account the combination of natural hair color, skin tone and eye color. Well-chosen shade will enhance the beauty of women and there will be fresh look at any age.

Experts say that the desired hair color you can get if you choose a shade that is different from the natural color hair more than two shades. Paint matched to a shade darker than the desired color in blond hair. For dark hair the shade of paint should be two shades lighter than desired.

Picking the right shade, skillfully applying the rules of make-up and choosing a shading color the hair closet, any woman with hair the color chestnut would look elegant and sophisticated. No less impressive and no less bright than burning brunette, fiery redhead or a platinum blonde.

Hair color and character

Hair color affects a person's character psychologists say. With this statement agree women who at least once dramatically changed the hair color. And if redheads are wild and eccentric, rock brunettes are purposeful and strong-willed nature, flexible blonde, women with chestnut hair color, usually balanced, responsible and self-sufficient. And career they formed the most successful.

In addition, according to statistics, the winner of the brown hair are associated in men with a homey feel more than blondes redheads or brunettes. Beauties with chestnut tinge the impression of thoughtful interlocutors and others have a special attractive force, based on deep human values.

Advice 4: Look like dark blonde hair

Dark brown hair color previously was not in fashion and it is associated with "gray." Most of the girls wanted to get rid of him and dyed their hair in bright colors is inconceivable. Today the situation has changed.
Dark brown color today at the peak moderacy, especially dark brown – at the peak of popularity because of fashion today is natural. If you have brown hair, there is no need to become a burning brunette or a stunning blonde. Conversely, many natural blondes and even brunettes repaint
Brown, especially light brown – at the peak of popularity because of fashion today is natural. If you have brown hair, there is no need to become a burning brunette or a stunning blonde. Conversely, many natural blondes and even brunettes repainted in dark brown shade. What are and how they look dark blonde hair.

What determines hair color

But first find out from what depends on the color of hair. It is determined by the presence of hair pigments pheomelanin and eumelanin. Melanin is a natural dark pigment, which in varying amounts are present not only in hair but also in skin and in the iris. Pheomelanin has a reddish hue. Its molecules are distributed diffusely and various combinations of it with eumelanin (black-brown pigment) form a different hair color. If eumelanin more molecules pheomelanin not "clog" the color of a reddish tinge and dark hair. If eumelanin little, and pheomelanin too much red hair or reddish. If little eumelanin, and pheomelanin, blonde hair.

What does dark blonde hair color

If you have dark brown hair, it means three things. In the cells of the cortical layer of your hair more eumelanin, the density of vegetation on your head, medium (about 100000-120000 hairs, to compare the brunettes – 100000, the red – 80000, blondes – 150000). Your hair is of medium thickness and softness (the most thick and coarse hair – dark or light, respectively, thin and soft).

The range of colors of human hair is wide. To determine the color created a special scale based on the breakdown of gamut color into three categories: reddish-orange, yellowish-orange and ash. A sample for exact color definition can be done using spectrophotometry (reflected light) or colometry (use of special solutions with pigment hoods). But it's for scientific research. In the popular understanding of people by the color of the hair is divided into brunettes, brown-haired and blond. These three categories in turn can be divided into two subcategories. The brunettes are people with dark brown, black and bluish-black hair. The ranks of blondes includes people with blond hair,, light ash Golden and light brown. If you have dark brown hair, you, along with the owners of brown, blond and red hair, think of the brown-haired.

Dark brown color – natural, versatile, deep. It is suitable to almost any makeup. He always looks smart and it does not have to worry about hair and matching outfits – dark brown will fit almost any style and color scheme. If your hair is dark blonde, long and slightly wavy – the effect of your hair will always be awesome.
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