In the hair follicle continuously occurs mitosis (division) of cells. They become Mature, lose their nuclei and ceratitida. Keratin is the protein substance from which consist of hair. Over time, hair falls out, so there is a natural renewal process. But the follicles remain the same, as they were given from birth, and will sostarivaniya with the body.
With age you produce less melanocytes - cells that produce the pigment (melanin). The pigment located in the cortical substance of the subcutaneous part of the hair. There it is mixed with air bubbles, which leads to the loss of natural color of hair. He is bright, and then completely white. Gray hair is more and more weak, difficult to style. Such changes can happen because of age-related changes in the body, due to experienced stress, illness, heredity. Gray hair can occur at any age, this process is different for each person. But, on average, the first signs of visible aging closer to 30 years.
With age, change not only hair color but also the growth rate. To grow a long braid would be long. This is due to the fact that slows metabolic processes in the body in the follicle cells are not so intense. It is the pressure generated in the follicle during mitosis causes hair to grow up. To awaken hair follicles, you can use stimulators for growth on the basis of Minoxidil. The drug should be applied on the scalp every 12 hours. Not allowed to take breaks, because then the desired effect will not follow. To conduct such therapy will take a lifetime.
As they grow, change and increased density of hair. It is reduced by 10-15%. This is due to dystrophy of the hair follicle. Dystrophy causes the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Hair thinning, shortened the phase of active growth, normal hair transforms into vellus. After a while the follicle grows connective tissue, and the hair stop growing. Susceptibility to the hormone DHT are different and is determined by heredity. For this reason hair may not poredet 15% and 70-80%, which leads to baldness.