Discomfort in the heart area is a symptom of the emergence and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The nature of pain can be identify the disease and try to alleviate their condition before seeking medical attention.

How to get rid of pain in your heart?

The pain of the heart can be disturbed in myocarditis, myocardial ischemia, pericarditis, acute myocardial infarction, mitral valve prolapse and other heart diseases. Unpleasant sensations are of a different nature: crushing, stabbing, sharp, aching, burning or dull.

To relieve pain, you need to calm down and take a comfortable position. Doctors advise to provide access to fresh air, loosen tight clothing and adopt a comfortable sitting position. If cardiac pain appeared after nervous tension, you need to take Valerian.

To get rid of an attack of angina you can use the fresh air and Nitroglycerin. If the pain caused high blood pressure, it is necessary to normalize the state with the help of special drugs, for example, "Corinfar". Help during an attack can have "Sorbitol", "Sustac Forte", "Dithranol", "Arenit" but these drugs only after 10 minutes after ingestion.

Pain in myocardial infarction

Sharp, burning pain in the heart area – one of the symptoms of myocardial infarction. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance and while she goes, to try to alleviate the condition of the sick person: to put him and put my feet in hot water, under the tongue put "Validol" and provide complete rest. You can also use "Nitroglycerine", "korvalola" and "Valocordin".

What to do if cardiac pain first appeared?

If the pain first appeared, you don't know the cause and medicines that need to be taken, consider the following sequence of actions. First, don't panic, nervous tension may aggravate the situation. Secondly, just open your Cabinet and find one of the products: "sage", "Valokordin", "Validol". During a heart attack helps aspirin and analgin. Medicated sit down and relax. If the condition is not improving, you need to call an ambulance or immediately go to a cardiologist.

Heart pain in any case can not be tolerated, or to self-medicate. If they are unbearable and burning, urgent need to call an ambulance. Heart attack is a symptom of a serious disease of the cardiovascular system, which needs to be diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a specialist.