Advice 1: What should you do if you abruptly heart

The sudden pain in the heart you need to immediately take measures to eliminate them. The timeliness of such events may depend human life. Pain in the region of the heart can be as intercostal neuralgia, and something more serious.
What should you do if you abruptly heart

Heart pain or intercostal neuralgia?

When in the heart there is a sharp pain, you need to try to determine what it is – a heart pain or intercostal neuralgia. With this purpose it is necessary to take a deep breath and exhale. At first it is necessary to carry out slowly and then quickly. If the pain changes its character, then it is not cardiac. If pain is stable, it is likely that this aching heart.

Pain in the home can be reduced by drinking very sweet tea with mint and milk. Whenever possible, you should RUB your feet hard with a cloth or brush for the hair. Then you need to wear warm socks.
The stronger the heated legs, the faster the pain will recede.

To bring the body into feeling maybe rubbing his ears with his hands. The first phalanx of the middle finger of the left hand is another place, the impact of which can reduce pain. You need to RUB her fingers of the other hand. You can even chew and suck on the end of his finger.

What to do when a sharp pain in the heart

At sharply arising pain in the heart must immediately stop all action and sit down on a chair. If the pain does not subside within 5 minutes, it is recommended to put the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin and dissolve it until complete dissolution. This drug rapidly enters the bloodstream, penetrating through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. It is important to know that intake of nitroglycerin can lead to a sharp decrease in pressure and headaches. If the first tablet will not bring relief, after 5 minutes you should take another one.
In one hour you can take no more than 5 tablets of nitroglycerin.

It is not recommended to lower high blood pressure with special medications. If you experience pain in the heart is better to refuse such drugs. Taking nitroglycerin in this situation would be enough, though, to take a half aspirin.

Heart pain can be caused by sudden spasm caused by narrowing of the vessel. Blood flow to the heart muscle stops. If this continues more than 40 minutes, the heart muscle dies. In other words, developing a myocardial infarction. Therefore, a sharp pain in the heart suggests an immediate emergency call.

Myocardial infarction often develops on the background of feelings of anxiety or even panic. The most correct actions for any pain in the heart, sit down, calm down and await the arrival of the doctor. If calm does not work, you can drink 40 drops valokordin. This will help to cope with his emotions.

Advice 2 : How to treat pain in the heart

The pain in the heart can be caused by various reasons. It can be heart disease, nervous stress, blood pressure problems, prolonged use of potent drugs, and many others. The heart muscle responds to the various changes occurring in our body. To treat pain in the heart is necessary because it is the "engine" without which we can not live we can.
How to treat pain in the heart
You will need
  • - activated charcoal
  • urological collection
  • - collect grass motherwort, yarrow and Valerian root
  • - a decoction of blackthorn
  • - hawthorn, cranberry
  • - walnuts and raisins
  • - a decoction of the flowers of violets
To facilitate the work of the heart muscle, it is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins taking activated charcoal and urinary collection. It is very helpful to sit on a fruit diet.
At pains in heart it is necessary to refuse from harmful habits – Smoking, alcohol. Drinking coffee and strong tea is not recommended, as they are substances that harm our body.
It is important to take a tonic for the heart – collect grass motherwort, yarrow and Valerian root will have a calming effect and pain subside.
At pains in heart it is necessary to monitor blood pressure, as this may cause a feeling of pain.
In the period preceding infarction condition and for the prevention of heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina useful in the morning to drink a decoction of blackthorn within 7 days. A beneficial effect on the heart hawthorn, cranberry. Useful eating jelly from these berries.
Walnuts and raisins tone up the nervous system and strengthen the heart muscle, so daily consumption of these products very useful for the body.
At the time of acute exacerbations to treat pain in the heart can be, if drinking a decoction of the flowers of violets in the form of tea several times a day.
To heart was in the right rhythm, he needs a certain exercise. Movement is life. Dosed physical activity is recommended even after a heart attack. The simple exercise that will help train heart is a daily jumping rope.
There is a perception that heart paint from people who did not receive enough love. To the heart to be healthy, love your family, don't be afraid to Express his love emotionally and beautifully. Love yourself, pamper yourself gifts. Good mood and positive attitude of life will make your heart healthy for years to come.

Advice 3 : How to remove pain in the heart

The pain in the heart is one of the most common causes of calling an ambulance. Its sudden appearance may indicate such serious diseases as myocardial infarction or angina. Typically, these cases require immediate hospitalization. But if the worst thing possible, and the pain in the heart did not pass, you can try to deal with it on their own.
How to remove pain in the heart
You will need
  • - hawthorn;
  • - motherwort;
  • - wild rose.
Medication heart disease should appoint a specialist depending on the diagnosis. In complex therapy to combat the heartache you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. The most effective herbs are motherwort, hawthorn, and rose. The mixture of them stimulates cardiac function, increases blood circulation, eliminates vasospasm, thus saving you from pain and improving the condition of the heart muscle.
Two tablespoons of motherwort, five tablespoons of hawthorn berries and one tablespoon of rosehip, mix in an enamel saucepan. Fill them half a liter of boiling water, then cover the pan with a lid and wrap with a blanket. Allow the mixture to steep for a day, then strain the infusion. Put it in the fridge and take in case of heart pain one glass. This tool can also be used as a preventive measure. In this case, you need to take it at the same dosage, but only daily during meals.
Alcohol tincture of these plants are not less effective in dealing with pain. Combine the herbs in the same proportions and pour a bottle of vodka. Tincture will be ready in 3-4 weeks. She, like flower water can be used to relieve pain and to prevent heart disease. Just drink it you need 20 drops dissolved in two tablespoons of water.
For fast pain relief, you can resort to acupuncture. At the first unpleasant sensations in the heart region is strongly squeeze the sides of the extreme phalanx of the left little finger. Make the pressure slowly, gradually increasing the pressure until the appearance of pain. Hold the fingers in the same slow pace. The cycle of pressure and release, should take you at least ten seconds. Repeat it several times in a row and the pain in my heart disappear.

Advice 4 : What if the heart aches

Heart is one of the most important organs, which provides operation of the whole organism. That is why any discomfort it should not ignore or attempt to treat yourself without consulting with your doctor. Even if your heart aches, it may be a sign of many diseases – from simple neuralgia to heart disease.
What if the heart aches

The reasons schemit heart

Pressing pain in the heart often occurs when intercostal neuralgia. As a rule, it can be particularly acute feel with a deep breath or sharlena body position. Additional symptoms may be sweating or twitching of the muscles in the rib area.

Weak and intermittent pinching sensation in the heart region can also accompany cramping any muscles. In this case, they usually disappear after some time with full relaxation in the supine position.

Schemit heart angina pectoris, when the myocardium ceases to receive enough oxygen. In this case, the bad feelings are paroxysmal in nature and occur most often in stressful situations.
In this case it helps a nitroglycerin tablet, which should be put under the tongue. If better drugs are not becoming, you should call an ambulance.

Constant pressing pain in the heart that signals the heart disease. This disease is also often accompanied by hypertension, edema of lower extremities and other symptoms.

Unpleasant pinching sensation in the heart can occur as a result of such widespread diseases as vegetative-vascular dystonia. The pain may be paroxysmal as strong and long weak. In this case, the patient may feel fear, anxiety, weakness, shortness of breath or palpitations.

What to do when the heart aches

If you experience nagging feelings in the heart area, you should try to calm down and relax as much as possible. It is advisable to go to bed on his back. It is also important to provide fresh air, remove clothes, or at least unbutton the shirt, lose the tie or scarf at the neck.
Any excitement can only worsen the situation, so the panic in any case not necessary.

If the pain increases and you start to feel worse, it should immediately call an ambulance. Even if it seems that your life is not in danger, it is better to prevent the situation. The responding physicians should be as detailed as possible to describe your feelings and character of chest pain.

If unpleasant sensations have passed by themselves, later you can still contact the doctor and get an EKG of the heart. This will help you figure out the exact cause of the disease to prevent its development or know, what drugs should be taken in the event of another attack.

Advice 5 : What to do when aching heart

Aching pain in the heart may be a harbinger of serious diseases, and not always related to the heart. The diagnosis must put a doctor. And before him the heartache can and should without delay be removed by simple available means.
Heart pain can not be tolerated – it is necessary as soon as possible to remove
You will need
  • - tincture of Valerian or motherwort;
  • - valocordin or Korvalol;
  • - tonometer;
  • - nitroglycerine;
  • - capoten corinfar or
If you have a nagging pain in the heart, so often declares itself a developing angina. Filled with years of "clogged" body fat, and blood hardly flows to the heart muscle – the myocardium. Often this pain occurs when the nervous shake-up jobs that require physical exertion. It feels like the chest is something compresses. No wonder angina is popularly called "angina pectoris."
But if in addition to the pain you are sick, you suffocate from lack of air, his forehead cold sweat, and the pain experienced in the jaw, shoulder or arm, such as may signal an impending myocardial infarction. This is a partial bleeding and necrosis of cardiac muscle tissue due to the fact that the clot in the artery for some time, covers it with the receipt of new portions of blood.
Heart pain sometimes when pericarditis – inflammation of pericardium which protects the heart. But usually it goes from dull to sharp stabbing. Much less pain is caused by aortic dissection – this occurs when severe hypertension or chest trauma.
However, the cause of the heart pain can be not at all a heart and lungs, such as pleurisy. Or inflammation of the intercostal cartilage (Tietze's syndrome), bronchial asthma. And even a simple heartburn. But most often, osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine. No need to guess, the diagnosis should supply you with a doctor. While meeting with him should be himself first aid.
First of all try to calm down! Don't think you necessarily was some sort of cardiac catastrophe. Can't cope with the excitement – take motherwort tincture or Valerian, valocordin or Korvalol (30-40 drops to a glass of water). Detach the neck from the clothing items, restricting your breathing.
During a seizure it is important to know what's going on with you pressure. Try to measure it. Maybe it appeared due to a jump in blood pressure. To lower it, take a pill quick action, such as captopril or corinfar.
Try to change posture: sit, bend, lie on your right side. If the pain in any position of the body is reduced and pressure on the heart, most likely, it's all the same angina. Chew the pill nitrosorbid, and hold in your mouth until it is completely dissolved.
If at first, the nagging pain will be unbearably harsh, will perform a cold sweat, nausea will come, it cannot be excluded that impending myocardial infarction. Immediately place the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin. In fifteen minutes the pain should subside. Does not pass – take one tablet of nitroglycerin. Can and aspirin. And immediately call "03"!
Remember: some people are extremely sensitive to nitroglycerin. They can cause unpredictable sharp drop in pressure. And then you have to save man not only from a heart attack, but from a deadly shock, collapse!
Useful advice
Do not follow the principle of "own doctor". If the pain managed to shoot, that's not a reason for complacency. Go to a cardiologist and go through all the research that you designate.

Advice 6 : What medicine to treat the burning sensation in the heart area

From stinging sensation in the heart is the large number of both young and older people. Some go to the doctor, some are trying to drown out the uncomfortable feelings with drugs – but what is the cause of burning sensation in the heart and what drugs help to get rid of it?
What medicine to treat the burning sensation in the heart area

Causes of burning sensation in heart

At the first appearance of a burning sensation behind the breastbone should be referred to a specialist, that he determined a specific cause of illness, as this symptom can signal a serious heart disease. In addition, similarly, may appear diseases of the peripheral nervous system, spine, gastrointestinal tract and stress. Burning in the region of the heart characterized by conditions such as menopause and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Quickly relieve the burning sensation caused by nervous stress, use of sedative drugs.

Burning in region of heart is the characteristic symptom of angina. In this case, it is localized behind the breastbone, is uncertain and often radiates under the shoulder or in the left hand. Stenokardicheskie burning typically occurs as a result of physical activity and terminated in a relaxed state of the body. With dystonia a burning sensation starts in the left part of the chest and does not calm down even after receiving the "Valokordin, Validol or Nitroglycerin".

What are the drugs to remove the burning sensation

If the burning sensation caused by angina, to relieve it will help tablet of Nitroglycerin placed under the tongue. If after five minutes the medicine will not work, you should take another pill and if the effect is again equal to zero, it is advisable to think about calling an ambulance. Burning in the region of the heart, called dystonia, can be removed by using the shot, lying on the left side of the chest, as well as sedative drugs.

Intense and prolonged attack of burning, which is not facilitated by any medicine, could be a sign of developing myocardial infarction.

Often people suffering from shortness of breath and burning sensation in the chest caused by age or neurological problems that can be cured with prescription medicine. So, for the preparation of medicines will need ten lemons, a litre of honey and ten heads of garlic. Lemons to squeeze, and heads of garlic, peel and grind in a meat grinder. Lemon juice, ground garlic and honey mixed in a glass jar, tightly closed and left it for a week in the fridge. Prepared medicine should be consumed daily, four teaspoons a day, for two months. Each meal needs to be single, to miss it is not recommended.

Advice 7 : What to do when the pain in the heart

Pain in the heart cause fear, desire as quickly as possible to find out the cause of their appearance and eliminate discomfort. If you feel discomfort in the chest should immediately go to a cardiologist and get tested. But you need to know and how to act, if the pain appeared suddenly, and to medical care quickly is not possible.
What to do when the pain in the heart
Discomfort in the heart area is a symptom of the emergence and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The nature of pain can be identify the disease and try to alleviate their condition before seeking medical attention.

How to get rid of pain in your heart?

The pain of the heart can be disturbed in myocarditis, myocardial ischemia, pericarditis, acute myocardial infarction, mitral valve prolapse and other heart diseases. Unpleasant sensations are of a different nature: crushing, stabbing, sharp, aching, burning or dull.

To relieve pain, you need to calm down and take a comfortable position. Doctors advise to provide access to fresh air, loosen tight clothing and adopt a comfortable sitting position. If cardiac pain appeared after nervous tension, you need to take Valerian.

To get rid of an attack of angina you can use the fresh air and Nitroglycerin. If the pain caused high blood pressure, it is necessary to normalize the state with the help of special drugs, for example, "Corinfar". Help during an attack can have "Sorbitol", "Sustac Forte", "Dithranol", "Arenit" but these drugs only after 10 minutes after ingestion.

Pain in myocardial infarction

Sharp, burning pain in the heart area – one of the symptoms of myocardial infarction. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance and while she goes, to try to alleviate the condition of the sick person: to put him and put my feet in hot water, under the tongue put "Validol" and provide complete rest. You can also use "Nitroglycerine", "korvalola" and "Valocordin".

What to do if cardiac pain first appeared?

If the pain first appeared, you don't know the cause and medicines that need to be taken, consider the following sequence of actions. First, don't panic, nervous tension may aggravate the situation. Secondly, just open your Cabinet and find one of the products: "sage", "Valokordin", "Validol". During a heart attack helps aspirin and analgin. Medicated sit down and relax. If the condition is not improving, you need to call an ambulance or immediately go to a cardiologist.

Heart pain in any case can not be tolerated, or to self-medicate. If they are unbearable and burning, urgent need to call an ambulance. Heart attack is a symptom of a serious disease of the cardiovascular system, which needs to be diagnosed and treated under the supervision of a specialist.
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