Heart pain or intercostal neuralgia?

When in the heart there is a sharp pain, you need to try to determine what it is – a heart pain or intercostal neuralgia. With this purpose it is necessary to take a deep breath and exhale. At first it is necessary to carry out slowly and then quickly. If the pain changes its character, then it is not cardiac. If pain is stable, it is likely that this aching heart.

Pain in the home can be reduced by drinking very sweet tea with mint and milk. Whenever possible, you should RUB your feet hard with a cloth or brush for the hair. Then you need to wear warm socks.
The stronger the heated legs, the faster the pain will recede.

To bring the body into feeling maybe rubbing his ears with his hands. The first phalanx of the middle finger of the left hand is another place, the impact of which can reduce pain. You need to RUB her fingers of the other hand. You can even chew and suck on the end of his finger.

What to do when a sharp pain in the heart

At sharply arising pain in the heart must immediately stop all action and sit down on a chair. If the pain does not subside within 5 minutes, it is recommended to put the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin and dissolve it until complete dissolution. This drug rapidly enters the bloodstream, penetrating through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. It is important to know that intake of nitroglycerin can lead to a sharp decrease in pressure and headaches. If the first tablet will not bring relief, after 5 minutes you should take another one.
In one hour you can take no more than 5 tablets of nitroglycerin.

It is not recommended to lower high blood pressure with special medications. If you experience pain in the heart is better to refuse such drugs. Taking nitroglycerin in this situation would be enough, though, to take a half aspirin.

Heart pain can be caused by sudden spasm caused by narrowing of the vessel. Blood flow to the heart muscle stops. If this continues more than 40 minutes, the heart muscle dies. In other words, developing a myocardial infarction. Therefore, a sharp pain in the heart suggests an immediate emergency call.

Myocardial infarction often develops on the background of feelings of anxiety or even panic. The most correct actions for any pain in the heart, sit down, calm down and await the arrival of the doctor. If calm does not work, you can drink 40 drops valokordin. This will help to cope with his emotions.