Note that when you lack of money on a home exchange, there are alternative possibilities to expand living space. Despite the fact that the Soviet system of providing citizens with housing in the past, still for some groups of the population preserved the possibility of obtaining apartments from the municipality. But as willing and eligible for preferential apartment a lot, and the construction of such housing, even in Moscow has been slow, need to wait for the desired apartment.
Check that you meet the requirements for those wishing to improve living conditions at the expense of the state. First, you should be spelled out in Moscow for at least ten years. Second, you should really need to increase the size of the apartment - on each member of your family registered on this living space should have no more than ten square meters. But to this rule there are exceptions. For example, regardless of the number of meters per turn can get people who live in a Studio apartment with unrelated, those who have housing has become dilapidated and uninhabitable, and some categories of persons with disabilities.
If you fit one of the categories, gather the necessary documents. In addition to passports, you will need an extract from the house register with information about all registered in the apartment, an extract from the register of BTI, as well as the instruments of ownership or social rent of the apartment.
Then come to the Council in my area and will contact her Department dealing with housing. There you will have to fill out a statement of what you want to stand on the account as needing improvement of living conditions.
After that, within one month after the treatment, the specialists will inspect your living conditions and make appropriate conclusion. Of its decision, the housing Commission will inform you by letter. If you still agree to accept the queue, you will have all chances eventually get housing.