You will need
  • -statement
  • -identity documents (passport, certificate of birth to 14 years)
  • -documents on the income of all family members
  • the act of examination of housing housing Commission
  • -certificate of value of property taxable
  • -a certificate of residency for 10 years
  • -marriage certificate (divorce certificate single mothers)
  • -a document on provision of benefits
  • -in each individual case may require additional documents
Malakoot defined in each subject of the Russian Federation by their standards and taken from the gross income of all family members, who stand in a queue on receiving apartments. In family income takes into account not only all directly get the money, but the cost of existing property which is taxable.
For statement on turn should contact the district administration with the statement and proof of your malakoot and that your family needs improvement of living conditions or no housing.
On turn put families with housing less accounting norms in the region. Families that have no housing at all. Families living in unsafe buildings. In the same apartment with people who are not members of the same family. With chronically ill people whose diseases are dangerous to others.
Some categories of citizens are entitled to priority or extraordinary receipt of housing: orphans or brought up in state children's institutions; families whose homes were damaged by natural disasters; families living in dilapidated apartments; the disabled world war II and the Chernobyl disaster; single mothers; families in which were born two or more children at the same time. This category of citizens are put on a preferential queue and the apartments they receive immediately in their distribution.
After consideration of the submitted application and documents the housing Commission authorities you will receive a written response about setting your family on the queue or not.