Look to yourself. If before taking any action, you are all well weigh and consider, calculate the probable problems and their solutions, then you tend to be analyzed and the type of thinking you have analytical. People with the artistic and imaginative warehouse of the mind perceives the world through the senses. More important to him than the emotional side of any problem. Problem it solves with the help of intuition and hunches.
Remember, what subjects in school or University was given to you easily. Analysts typically strong in the technical Sciences, while people with Ms.umahumanitarian warehouse of mind prefer literature and philosophy to other Sciences.
Try to determine through various tests, which hemisphere of the brain are most developed. If leading is the right hemisphere, in a person's life is usually dominated by emotions, not logical thinking. And if it turns out that a more developed left hemisphere of the brain, the person has a tendency to analyze.
Clap your hands. If you prefer to clap your right hand, you have a better developed right hemisphere of the brain. Interlace the fingers. A person with an analytical mind, the top will be the right finger.
Take a pencil and align it at arm's length with a horizontal line, for example, with a window. Cover turns to the left and right eyes. Please note, when closing what eye pencil is displaced relative to the horizontal. If this occurs during the closing of the left eye, then you have a gentle nature and traits of creative personality.
Try to describe a recent life event or a personal object. For example, tell us about some of the trips. People with an analytical mind will pay more attention to the details, I will describe in detail the situation. Creative people will focus on their feelings and emotions, impressions and their experience.