Subject-active thinking. Inextricably linked to action, with the manipulation of objects. About people with this type of thinking often say "hands of gold", the most brilliant idea will be difficult to implement without them. Among the representatives of this category can be as fitters, drivers, collectors and artists, dancers, athletes. This type of thinking is yours, if you agree with the statements: - Make a stool with his hands is more interesting than to design it on paper.- It is true that you can touch.- At the sound of the music you have to dance.- The class was your favorite subject in school.- As a child you liked to play with the designer.- It's easier to do something than to explain the motives of these actions. - Do you like to do crafts. - Making something, you go by trial and error.
Abstract and symbolic thinking. Theoretical physicists, programmers, mathematicians, economists, and other men of science often have this type of thinking. It's easy for them to perceive the world through formulas, mathematical codes, etc. You are among this category of people if:- You like to work with your computer.- You know and love to play checkers or chess.- Algebra is more interesting for you geometry.- You are interested to understand diagrams and drawings.- You could easily learn the kanji.- The study of foreign languages does not cause you difficulties.- You are interested in the exact Sciences.- Interested in programming languages, work as a programmer.
Verbal-logical. People with this type of thinking become good teachers, researchers, translators, writers, journalists, TV hosts. They can easily Express their thoughts and convey them to others. This type of thinking prevails from you if:- You like to read fiction.- For you, it is not difficult to Express their thoughts orally and in writing.- You think an interesting job as a journalist or TV presenter.- You will not be easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. You are important, not only the meaning but also form of this statement. In school you liked to write essays. - You like to tell my friends stories, news, read them out loud.
Visual creative. This type of thinking separates people with an artistic turn of mind: artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, architects. They subtly feel the beauty, think in images and can envision the most fantastic things. You are among this category if:- You are interested in painting, sculpture.- Familiar tunes, smells cause you have in mind a picture of the past.- Do you like poetry.- Dostoevsky was right when he said that beauty will save the world.- The plot of the movie or read the book you remember as a series of images.- You will not be difficult to imagine a non-existent animal. You think an interesting work of writer, screenwriter and graphic designer.- You love to attend entertainment events, but museums seem boring.
Creative thinking (creativity). Researchers usually do not consider creativity to a single type of thinking, as it may be peculiar to each of them and allows you to achieve success in any sphere of activity. You think creatively and know how to find creative solutions, if you agree with the statement:- Abstract painting awakens your imagination.- Work, where everything is clearly defined and regulated, boring. - You love to fantasize. - Process activities are often more interesting than its final result.- The abundance of Hobbies makes life more interesting.- You often don't even what to others seems obvious. Even the well-established process can be improved. You don't like to go the same way and generally to subordinate life to certain schemes.