Ability and mindset

Psychologists have established the relationship between the development of the cerebral hemispheres and abilities. Thus, the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for visual-figurative thinking, creative imagination, perception of music, artistic images, etc. the Left hemisphere is responsible for mathematical ability, and logical thinking.

People who have a more developed right hemisphere of the brain, are more inclined to humanitarian Sciences, reasoning, philosophizing. Those who have more development was given to the left hemisphere of the brain, flair for mathematical Sciences, technical subjects and logical reasoning.

But inclination towards humanitarian Sciences do not determine humanitarian mind in humans. Rather, it is simply a consequence of the features that are inherent to the Humanities.

Especially people with humanitarian mindset

Humanists of mind (not in education, know what each specific person or group of people has only a limited view of the world. They realize that there is something else: another perception, another view, another reality, another meaning, another picture of the world, etc. So people after school on each issue providing for one correct solution or proof, easy to University to study a variety of scientific theories or paradigms that explain different the same event or process. But you should not confuse it with love philosophizing and philosophy: the fact that they understand it, does not make them lovers of this discipline. They may not have arts education, and technical, but it is clear to realize how narrow their understanding of the world. Conversely, lovers of books, music, movies, and professional humanists sometimes do not allow the thought that others may be entirely different interests than them.

Another distinctive quality of the people with humanitarian mindset is the ability to interact with others. This is clearly seen in the interaction between those who take someone else's position and someone else's vision, and those who are anything except their own point of view, rejects. If a person is able to comprehend the world of the interlocutor and to establish contact, even without sharing his views, then he is a typical humanist.

Humanist mentality knows that the world is ruled by conventions. When a man finds the answer to the question, he realizes that this is correct only in the given time. Simply put, he realizes that truth does not exist as such, but only the judgments at the moment are revered for the truth.

Humanitarian mindset is often confused with visual-figurative thinking. This type of thinking represents a developed ability to imagine, represent, compare, and accordingly, to understand and accept changes in social life, some new genres of literature, cinema, music. But this does not mean that all people with advanced visual-figurative thinking are the humanitarians of mind.