Advice 1: What is the mathematical and humanitarian mind

From what you have mind, in the truest sense depends on your future profession and career growth. It is very important to understand the difference between mathematical and humanitarian mindset, to continue not to be mistaken with a choice of their specialty.
What is the mathematical and humanitarian mind

The types of thinking and storehouse of the human mind

From basic psychology we know that for the mental function answer brain. People with a dominant right hemisphere is more emotional, they are figurative, abstract thinking. Such personalities Humanities mind. If dominated by the left hemisphere, the person is more practical, has analytical thinking and mathematical mind.

Distinguished 5 main categories of human thinking:
- practical mind;
an artistically-shaped;
- humanitarian;
mathematical (analytical);
- universal mind (synthetic).

What type of thinking do you have?

In order to understand your mindset, first and foremost, you need to get acquainted in more detail with each of them.

A practical mind. People who have them, in everyday life give preference to substantive thinking. They are consistent throughout and have the indissoluble connection between the subject-space-time. People with such a mindset is inherently realist, not prone to fantasize and dream.

Artistic and imaginative mind. With such thinking all information is processed through images. These people have a great imagination and excellent vocabulary. It is easier to tell than to show action. The person with the artistic and imaginative mind is very easy to recognize, as it sharply reacts to criticism and emotional in virtually all forms. Analytical skills such personality is much less pronounced.
A person with artistic and imaginative mind, perfect the profession of a psychologist, social worker, and a creative profession.

Humanitarian mindset, which can be described as symbolic thinking. The identity of such warehouse processes the information with inferences. A man builds a logical chain of "small details", and binds it to a specific imaginary target. It helps development of intuition and creativity that is based on imagination and feelings. Emotional method of understanding is the first thing that draws people-the Humanities.

Mathematical (analytical) mind. In this situation all the way around. People with this mindset prefer laws, rules and formulas. Unlike the Humanities, these individuals are able to adequately assess the situation and to solve serious issues. Cold calculations to Excel in the commercial field. Analytical thinking is based on logic and reasoning is the complete opposite of intuitive thinking. Facts, objective information and numbers is what I prefer to be guided by such people.
Mathematical (analytical) thinking has a strong resemblance to the practical mind.

Universal (synthetic) thinking. People with such a mindset, can be called lucky, because they have all the abilities. They have a well developed left and right brain. They quite clearly represent the picture of the world and are well versed in the technical disciplines. They are emotionally realistic. However, these abilities are not divided equally, and with a certain margin. And in order to identify the predominant type of thinking, it is necessary to pass a special psychological test.

Based on the above, knowledge about the types of thinking and mindset have a huge impact on your continued successful future. Grow in the right direction! I wish you success.

Advice 2 : How to develop analytical mind

An analytical mind is inherent in the people, occupying the position of the programmers, logisticians, specialists in financial transactions. In General, the sphere of activities, which to a lesser extent associated with creativity, expression of emotions and communication with people. To develop analytical skills; that is the job of the left hemisphere of the brain is possible with perseverance, diligence and focus.
How to develop analytical mind
Puzzles. Pay attention to the solution of logic problems, crossword puzzles, puzzles. In order to see will buy ready-made answers to the problem book. Search the Internet for different options of cases, certain problematic situations that require an informed decision. Most often such questions are asked by applicants at the interview, experts of personnel services. Thus, the applicant's response to the task, to judge his logical skills and structured response, as well as about such qualities of character as concentration, resourcefulness and resistance to stress.
Psychological analysis. Analyze your life or your friends. Write down on paper the key stages of life, decisions at the crossroads of life roads and the result, i.e. what they (or you) currently have. In the end, you will build on the paper your the tree of life and to clearly see how individual decisions and events influenced the fate.
Then, on another sheet of paper draw the way, if you've changed something in the past. For example, would choose another profession or change the place of residence. Now, tell your friends, bring your arguments to defend your decisions and wait for their reaction. Most likely, the discussion will result in the dispute, which might develop your analytical skills.
TV. More watch analytical programs where the experts give their opinion on the political situation in the country, economic crisis, etc. You'll clearly see and hear the logic of constructing their answers to tricky questions from journalists and make some conclusions.

Advice 3 : How to determine the mind

From identifying the warehouse of the mind depends on the success in the choice of profession. Occupation of the person should correspond to his abilities, personality, mentality and way of thinking.
How to determine the mind
Look to yourself. If before taking any action, you are all well weigh and consider, calculate the probable problems and their solutions, then you tend to be analyzed and the type of thinking you have analytical. People with the artistic and imaginative warehouse of the mind perceives the world through the senses. More important to him than the emotional side of any problem. Problem it solves with the help of intuition and hunches.
Remember, what subjects in school or University was given to you easily. Analysts typically strong in the technical Sciences, while people with Ms.umahumanitarian warehouse of mind prefer literature and philosophy to other Sciences.
Try to determine through various tests, which hemisphere of the brain are most developed. If leading is the right hemisphere, in a person's life is usually dominated by emotions, not logical thinking. And if it turns out that a more developed left hemisphere of the brain, the person has a tendency to analyze.
Clap your hands. If you prefer to clap your right hand, you have a better developed right hemisphere of the brain. Interlace the fingers. A person with an analytical mind, the top will be the right finger.
Take a pencil and align it at arm's length with a horizontal line, for example, with a window. Cover turns to the left and right eyes. Please note, when closing what eye pencil is displaced relative to the horizontal. If this occurs during the closing of the left eye, then you have a gentle nature and traits of creative personality.
Try to describe a recent life event or a personal object. For example, tell us about some of the trips. People with an analytical mind will pay more attention to the details, I will describe in detail the situation. Creative people will focus on their feelings and emotions, impressions and their experience.
Do You have an analytical mind? When choosing a future profession it is necessary to determine which warehouse is Your mind. This test will help You determine if You possess an analytical mind.
Useful advice
A test of the mind. Every student knows that it is better to take the test in pairs, to answer the terrible questions of the teacher. Some believe that it is easier and better to order tests than to sit all night the day before delivery and be unsure of what you are doing right. Before starting the test, we should define the concepts. Today the famous 3 types of mind: 1. Analytical, which allows the student to do analysis of the situation and to build an image.

Advice 4 : How to develop an analytical mind

Analytical warehouse of the mind is the ability of a person relying on the initial data, draw conclusions, analyze different variants of future developments, their pros and cons. A classic example of Analytics - the legendary Sherlock Holmes, which his friend and chronicler Dr Watson once said: "Holmes, you are the man, you the adding machine!". Of course, extremes are harmful in any case. However, there are professions where analytical warehouse of the mind is simply necessary. So how do you develop it?
How to develop an analytical mind
Learn dmindyou, to compare facts, draw conclusions. Oddly enough, a great benefit could be crossword puzzles, word games, reading detective novels. Reflections on the question "Who's the criminal?" based on the known data and versions, it is highly contributes to the development of analytical capabilities.
Though the story does not recognize the subjunctive, often try to ponder the question: "what would happen if...?". For example, which way went the whole history of the world, if the Russian Consul in Italy proved to be more insightful and try to break a trifling point instructions, taking the service of an unknown Lieutenant of Napoleon Bonaparte in the same office (and not a second Lieutenant, as required by the same instruction)? So many options, that take your breath away.
At the first opportunity join in the discussion, especially on difficult, controversial topics, where there can be a simple clear answer. Indeed, in the course of such disputes are considered a variety of options - here you will have the opportunity to hone skills.
Read more analytical articles on politics, economy, trade. Of course, try to choose a serious of articles written by experienced experts who value their reputation, not a sensation in the tabloid press.
Watch live TV on the same topics, especially if their format implies discussion among the participants. Listen carefully to the arguments, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Pay special attention to the answers to the difficult, "Zinger" questions. Because to answer them you also need to have an analytical warehouse of the mind.
Analytical thinking is the prevalence of reason over emotion, logic over spontaneity, the organized over the chaotic. It is the ability and the desire to compartmentalize, to perform and to see dependencies and relationships.
Useful advice
Analytical skills – a person with the propensity to identify significant connections and relationships between different items of information. Analytical mind – the ability of the human psyche, allowing him to exercise and develop the capacity for analytical perception of reality.
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