The types of thinking and storehouse of the human mind

From basic psychology we know that for the mental function answer brain. People with a dominant right hemisphere is more emotional, they are figurative, abstract thinking. Such personalities Humanities mind. If dominated by the left hemisphere, the person is more practical, has analytical thinking and mathematical mind.

Distinguished 5 main categories of human thinking:
- practical mind;
an artistically-shaped;
- humanitarian;
mathematical (analytical);
- universal mind (synthetic).

What type of thinking do you have?

In order to understand your mindset, first and foremost, you need to get acquainted in more detail with each of them.

A practical mind. People who have them, in everyday life give preference to substantive thinking. They are consistent throughout and have the indissoluble connection between the subject-space-time. People with such a mindset is inherently realist, not prone to fantasize and dream.

Artistic and imaginative mind. With such thinking all information is processed through images. These people have a great imagination and excellent vocabulary. It is easier to tell than to show action. The person with the artistic and imaginative mind is very easy to recognize, as it sharply reacts to criticism and emotional in virtually all forms. Analytical skills such personality is much less pronounced.
A person with artistic and imaginative mind, perfect the profession of a psychologist, social worker, and a creative profession.

Humanitarian mindset, which can be described as symbolic thinking. The identity of such warehouse processes the information with inferences. A man builds a logical chain of "small details", and binds it to a specific imaginary target. It helps development of intuition and creativity that is based on imagination and feelings. Emotional method of understanding is the first thing that draws people-the Humanities.

Mathematical (analytical) mind. In this situation all the way around. People with this mindset prefer laws, rules and formulas. Unlike the Humanities, these individuals are able to adequately assess the situation and to solve serious issues. Cold calculations to Excel in the commercial field. Analytical thinking is based on logic and reasoning is the complete opposite of intuitive thinking. Facts, objective information and numbers is what I prefer to be guided by such people.
Mathematical (analytical) thinking has a strong resemblance to the practical mind.

Universal (synthetic) thinking. People with such a mindset, can be called lucky, because they have all the abilities. They have a well developed left and right brain. They quite clearly represent the picture of the world and are well versed in the technical disciplines. They are emotionally realistic. However, these abilities are not divided equally, and with a certain margin. And in order to identify the predominant type of thinking, it is necessary to pass a special psychological test.

Based on the above, knowledge about the types of thinking and mindset have a huge impact on your continued successful future. Grow in the right direction! I wish you success.