Advice 1: Why adults suffer heavier chickenpox than children

Chickenpox is considered a childhood disease, but she can be contracted at any age. Very often adults suffer this illness are heavier than the children. However, there are some recommendations that can help ease the disease.
Why adults suffer heavier chickenpox than children
Varicella refers to infectious diseases that are transferred by airborne droplets. Consider chickenpox a childhood disease because it is usually infected before the age of 7 years.

The insidious nature of chickenpox in adults

Kids tolerate chickenpox is relatively easy, discomfort bring only an itchy rash. I have been ill for life be immune to the ailment. If in the childhood he avoided the disease, his body remains in front of the chickenpox virus completely defenseless.

Perhaps that is why sick adults suffer chickenpox heavier, and the risk of complications such as pneumonia or bronchitis for them is much higher. The main reason is the difference between the degree of immune protection. In children whose mothers had chicken pox, the disease is mild because their body is still protected by maternal immunity. Adults have well developed their immune system, coping poorly with chicken pox: the body appears more severe rash, lasts a long time high temperature, a sore throat, may have convulsions.

How to cope with chicken pox

A significant difference in the fight against chickenpox in children and adults, but the latter can take a number of medicines, contraindicated in children. The sooner treatment is started, the easier it will be to leak the disease. Central to this success is unacceptable scratching of the blisters.

Treatment of chickenpox takes place on an outpatient basis. Antipyretic drugs break fever, and itching or can be removed to facilitate the reception of one pills "Diazolin" in the morning and evening, or by using "Tavegil or Suprastin". These drugs affect the body as a sedative, so it's easier to sleep, and it helps to tolerate the itch. Rash can not be wetted with water for at least 3-5 days from the moment of its appearance, that is, any counter-water treatments, except for necessary hygiene.

To heal boils and abscesses used against means-antiseptic: brilliant green, Fukortsin", "Rivanol". After 10-14 days the rash will dry and begin to peel off, leaving the skin shallow wounds pink. Not to leave scars, after the final recovery of the space abscesses throughout the week you can lubricate a nourishing cream accelerates skin regeneration and healing.

Avoid possible complications is possible only by adhering to bed rest. To restore normal fluid balance in the body helps to drink plenty of liquids. The patient is recommended to stick to breast diet to completely eliminate fried, fatty and spicy foods. It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of your clothes and bedding.

Advice 2: Why get sick with chicken pox only once in life

Chickenpox (varicella) is an infectious disease that is caused by a virus of the family herpetiformis (Varicella Zoster-virus). The person usually suffers from chickenpox once in a lifetime.
Why get sick with chicken pox only once in life

As infected with chicken pox

Most often, chicken pox sick as a child, since this infection is very contagious and is transmitted by airborne droplets or by contact from a diseased to a healthy one. After the virus that causes chickenpox, fall into the nasal mucosa, it enters the bloodstream and begins to affect the circulating cells.

Propagated virus within two weeks without causing clinical manifestations. After that it goes into the bloodstream and into the skin, resulting in skin rash, which are the main clinical symptom of chickenpox. At hit of a virus in the body, the immune cells begin to produce antibodies, which represent protein structures (immunoglobulins). They are able to destroy harmful microorganisms, including virus varicella.
After recovery, the person usually is no longer suffering from this disease because in his body there is a strong immunity.

Is it possible to get chicken pox a second time

Each pathogen has its own unique antigen. Each type of antibody has an affinity to only one microorganism - antibody is able to recognize the antigens against which they are directed. The affinity of antibodies due to the specificity of the function of immunocompetent cells, which are first "find out" the antigens of microbes and only after that they begin to produce antibodies against these germs.
This affinity is absolutely necessary to prevent destruction of the bacteria of the normal microflora and cells of the body.

Thus, when people become infected with the chickenpox virus, his body begins to produce special antibodies aimed specifically against this type of microbes. The result affects the virus and they infected cells. Further, the portion of the antibody is destroyed, and the remaining slightly change and form the so-called memory cells, which then pass into a dormant state and provide life-long immunity to chickenpox.

When re-infected with chicken pox these cells quickly destroy the virus, and the disease does not develop. Normal memory cells to chickenpox remains in the body for life. In some cases, if an incorrect functioning of the immune system they are destroyed after a few years, in this case, the person may re-ache chicken pox. In some cases after the disease the virus can not be destroyed, as it "falls asleep" and remains viable. In patients with severe immunodeficiency, patients after organ transplantation, when the immunosuppression caused by severe stress during the acclimatization may re-infected with chicken pox.
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