Chickenpox is considered a childhood disease, because hurt her most often at an early age. Recognize chickenpox is very simple. After one or two nights with a fever, the child wakes up with pink itchy rash. Then sores appear, the itching becomes more painful.

People without a history of chickenpox in childhood is at risk for infection in her older age. Carry it in this case is much harder.

How long do you get chicken pox

At the beginning of the disease symptoms slight fever, lethargy, drowsiness. A few days rash appears on the body. It often affects the face, mucous membranes, head, neck. If the temperature continues to rise, it can be a new rash.

Within hours, the rash develops into blisters with fluid, which burst and cause discomfort, itching. This process can last five days. By the sixth day the rash usually disappear. On the skin formed crust, which you cannot brush, otherwise will remain scars.

A large part of the crust disappears after two or three weeks. The disease is retreating, and people is no longer a threat.

An adult who became ill with chicken pox brings it harder. Body temperature can reach 40 degrees and stay the entire two weeks. Possible poisoning of the body, delirium.

Cases of chicken pox was thought to be cured after it eliminated all of the crusts on the skin.

How dangerous is chicken pox

Feature of chickenpox is that it is susceptible to absolutely everyone. The older the age at which people have been ill to her, the greater the risk of complications.

The most common complication – secondary infection. Combing crust with dirty hands can introduce infection, which will cause inflammation. And even after the cure of the disease will remain on the skin and scars.

The most serious complication is damage to the brain, causing convulsions, paralysis, loss of coordination. In rare cases it can damage the heart or kidneys. Deaths happen, but they happen very little.

To avoid complications, the patient with chickenpox needs to stay in bed throughout the illness. Even if it seems that all is gone, and my health is excellent, but the crust did not disappear until the end, better safe than sorry. You should also avoid loads, drafts, intoxication. During the daily inspection to monitor the appearance of new lesions or new symptoms. In case you need to call the doctor.