Every year adolescents infected with chicken pox, becomes more and more. The deterioration of the ecological situation there are cases of re-infection. But they do not occur in such an aggressive manner. Due to the fact that the transmission of the virus occurs through airborne droplets, contaminated exposed in places with large concentrations of people.

Symptoms of chickenpox

Signs of chickenpox in teenagers are similar to symptoms of respiratory diseases. It starts with a fever, the appearance of a headache. The child feels, the chills, the runny nose appears. After about a day begin to appear rash, beginning with time to itch. Attempts to comb the affected areas lead to the spread of the rash. There's a chance of infection that way. After a week almost all the skin of a teenager are covered in a rash. Body temperature during this period can rise up to 40 degrees. Sometimes it causes intoxication of the organism. Disease chicken pox in adolescence is dangerous complications. Perhaps the manifestation of arthritis, bursitis, hepatitis, myocarditis, nephritis, pneumonia, sepsis, enteritis.

How to behave during chicken pox

The teenager in this period of prescribed bed rest. Due to the fact that the disease is highly contagious, the patient should be isolated from other people. Based on the severity of the disease, it can last from 12 to 21 days. During this period, appointed by antihistamines. In the case of severe temperature increase are taking antipyretics. But in any case it is impossible to give the child during the illness chicken pox aspirin. It is fraught with lose of brain cells and the liver. You need to drink a lot and often.

To relieve itching, take a bath with herbs. For this sage, oak bark, calendula, chamomile. You can make compresses of infusions of these plants. And of course, the traditional green paint, do not lose their relevance in the fight against this disease. Apply it only on affected areas. In pharmacy, there are more modern means. The most famous is acyclovir.

Whether or not to vaccinate

There is a possibility to make vaccination against varicella. Past procedure people if sick, they have the ailment in an easy manner without any complications. "Is it worth it to do?" – opinion among experts is divided. So the question is: "Do Teens without a history of chickenpox vaccination?" only solution his parents.

As chickenpox in adolescents is very difficult and can cause complications, it is advised to undergo treatment in a hospital. There he will have the proper treatment, and he will be under constant supervision of experts.