You will need
  • water;
  • - essential oils (tea tree, eucalyptus and bergamot);
  • - antiviral drugs, for example, "Viferon".
Adults infected with chickenpox as children, that is airborne. The contagiousness of the virus causing the disease reaches 100%, so when dealing with a sick person's chance of Contracting chickenpox great.
The incubation period in adults can last longer than the standard one to three weeks, so in some cases infected with chicken pox and could not understand where he got the sickness. Besides the peculiarity of this disease is that the infected person becomes a potential threat to others long before the appearance of distinct symptoms of chickenpox. Patients with chickenpox is contagious until, until no new lesions appear, and the latter is covered with a thick skin.
Given the high contagiousness of the virus and the complexity of diagnosing the disease in its first stages, the main preventive measure to prevent infection chickenpox remains quarantine, i.e. complete isolation of the infected person. This protective action will prevent the spread of the virus outside of the house.
The Varicella Zoster virus is not resistant to the environment and is very afraid of drafts, so often arrange ventilation of the room in which the infected isolated. In addition, regularly wet cleaning.
Essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus and bergamot possess antiviral properties and can be used not only during treatment of chickenpox, but also as prevention.
Chicken pox if someone got sick from relatives, contact with which have every day, take anti-viral drugs, for example, "Viferon". An additional advantage of these drugs – strengthening the immune system.