Infection with chicken pox

Chickenpox causes herpes zoster virus that people get from the previously ill with chickenpox, it can only trigger the development of herpes zoster. Contracting chicken pox from already infected person. According to epidemiological studies, adults and children, never bolevshih chickenpox and have not received the vaccine from her, when in contact with the source of the virus infected with a probability of over 90%.

To get chicken pox, enough to spend 15 minutes in the same room with the sick person or for 5 minutes to talk to him.

Chickenpox is transmitted through the environment by airborne droplets. To ingestion enough of inhalation or ingestion of particles of mucus or saliva that a sick person uses when sneezing, coughing or talking. In addition, chicken pox can be infected after touching a bubble of the rash, serving in the skin of patients with this disease, the fluid in the vesicles of chicken pox contains many viruses of herpes zoster.

Chickenpox in children

Despite the instability of the virus in the air, its propagation speed is amazing. So, if in kindergarten with chicken pox a sick child in the next two months, a similar disease develops in 90% of other children. Domestic medicine believes that a child's chickenpox should be treated with the utmost seriousness by isolating infectious baby from group of children at the period to full recovery. In Western medicine treat the disease otherwise, reasonably believing that children should not be placed in quarantine and give them to have had chicken pox in childhood that the body developed immunity, and the treatment went without complications.

Chickenpox got its name thanks to the lightning spread of the virus in the air.

To minimize the discomfort of chickenpox is possible, it is necessary to coat the bubbles fukortsin, tincture of propolis, tincture of Sophora japonica or the usual green paint. It is very important to keep the child from scratching the vesicles, to prevent the infection from spreading throughout the body. Bed linen should be changed daily, often changing clothes of a baby in clean clothes. Necessary to avoid overheating of the body, as the increased sweating increases the unpleasant itchy rash. To facilitate it will help bath with a decoction of sage, calendula and chamomile the skin, do not RUB with washcloth and towel.