And whether it generally be avoided? All childhood infections, including chickenpox, it is much better tolerated at a young age. The older sick person – the more complications it risks to any children's sores". This is because the protective mechanisms of an adult organism work better than children, and cause great harm to him. The most significant risk in adults with the disease of chicken pox represent a acceding of the infection – encephalitis, and others. Furthermore, adult patients often pustular the occurring complication, which rarely happens in children. Thus, we can summarize the following result, avoid chickenpox until your child goes to kindergarten and elementary school, not worth it. Better if he'd been ill with it now.
Another thing, if there is a risk of getting sick pregnant woman. Besides the fact that chicken pox will harm the mother, it can adversely affect the developing fetus, until his death. Chickenpox in the mother during the first half of pregnancy causes the unborn child's mental and physical impairment, pathology of the optic nerve. Of course, the probability of such bad developments are small – 1 chance out of 100, but, nevertheless, the risk exists, and if you get sick should immediately contact a doctor. Disease second half of pregnancy carries fewer dangers – most importantly, that the infectious period does not coincide with the birth, so as not to infect the baby. If there is such a danger – mother and baby enter a specific serum antibodies.
Thus, the windmill should be avoiding during pregnancy. If you become pregnant and don't know hurt you it or not, you can make the analysis on antibodies. If it shows that chicken pox you are ill, you need to make her shot. In this case, you will be protected from it while waiting for the baby.
In addition, during pregnancy, it makes sense to follow some safety rules. Try to stay away from anyone who can observe the symptoms of flu and acute respiratory infections – it can be chicken pox before poured the bubbles. Not worth close to communicate with those who, less than three weeks ago, had contact with sick chicken pox. If it is infected, it can infect you. Avoid contact with shingles patients. This is an acute recurrent form of chickenpox, which infected the weakened or elderly people.
If you still had contact with sick chicken pox must be immediately reported to the doctor so he prescribed vaccination with immunoglobulin. It is also worth to consult about the vaccinations your loved ones without a history of chickenpox so that they could get sick and infect you.