You will need
  • - the vitamins;
  • - Immunostimulants;
  • - vaccination.
In most cases, chickenpox sick only once. As the recovery of the develop a strong immunity for life. But if you never had a risk of catching chicken pox there daily. The most dangerous disease for the elderly and pregnant women. It is they, and persons in close contact with them, should observe heightened precautions. Chickenpox spreads very quickly, and therefore it is better to protect yourself.
Without waiting for any of your surroundings ill chickenpox, submit to a blood test for antibodies. Perhaps in childhood the disease is not spared you a party, but because of the easy flow remained unnoticed. It also happens that in the medical record for some reason, there is no information about the fact that you were sick, but because only through analysis, we can see that immunity does not.
If analysis confirmed the absence of antibodies to varicella, it is necessary to take preventive measures. The easiest but unreliable way to prevent illness is to strengthen the immune system. Drink vitamins and Immunostimulants. Eat right and get more fresh air. This will reduce the likelihood of the disease, though only slightly.
Avoid crowded places, do not use public transport. It also slightly reduces the risk, but guarantee that the chicken pox will pass you, still will not. The fact that the virus spreads very quickly, and the susceptibility to it is incredibly high.
Vaccinated against varicella. This is the only way to reliably protect yourself from illness. There are different schemes of vaccination, but it is better to conduct it in a planned, not an emergency basis. Studies have shown that immunity after vaccination persists for more than 20 years.