Causes of opacities in the eyes

In some situations, fainting is preceded by the darkening of the eyes, nausea, spinning head, sweating, hearing loss, and a decrease or increase in the rhythm of the pulse.

If unconscious, there is a sharp decrease in muscle tone, which leads to the fall of man before it in a reclining position. This is caused by additional injuries. To come to their senses, the patient should be no more than 2-3 minutes.

If a person visits a doctor after him all the time pestering blurred vision, dizziness and fainting, the first task is to correctly assess the condition of the patient. There are cases when these symptoms provoke heart failure.

Also dizziness in the morning often indicates the presence of problems with the vestibular apparatus and the brain. This condition is observed in diseases of the spine in the neck. Rarely, the cause may be failures in the peripheral nervous system.

However, don't confuse the problems of the vestibular apparatus with the appearance of sudden blackouts – called in the society "veil before my eyes". In everyday life very often dizziness explain the loss of balance and heaviness in the head, lack of sleep and severe fatigue.

What to do when the darkening of the eyes

Visiting doctor, a patient needs to be prepared to answer all his questions. Need to try to clearly explain what are the symptoms, how often relapses occur, had any traumatic brain injury and was not in recent times any disease. Only after carefully listening to an accurate description of the problem, the doctor can prescribe proper examination and conduct the necessary treatment.

If the patient complains of blackouts and dizziness not only in the morning, but in daytime, it is likely that his diagnosis syndrome, Adam-Stokes-Morgagni, which is characterized by a different rhythm of contraction of the atrium and ventricle. In this disease patients on a regular, temporary loss of vision, lasting from 4 to 8 seconds, and blanching. In certain situations, with long pauses between contractions of the heart muscle, people with this syndrome may fall into a swoon, which is accompanied by deep breathing and twitching, resembling an epileptic symptoms.

So, if you experience discomfort of this kind, do not put off going to the doctor, he will help you in recovery.